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Axillary Breast Tissue Removal Under Both Arms - What Would the Cost Be About?

I have breast tissue under each arm and i would love to have it removed. What is the appoximate cost for this? READ MORE

Breast Reduction with Dense Breast Tissue?

I am 42 Y.O., 5'6" and 145 lbs., and have maintained at or near a consistent weight my adult life (I also exercise daily). With age, my... READ MORE

Want 250 Grams off Each Breast: 30GG - What Can I Expect to Go Down To?

Hi, im a 30GG cup size. and ive been advised to have 250 grams off each breast (because its better to have too little off and have another op, then to... READ MORE

Is Breast Reduction Reasonable for a Teenage Girl Since There is a Possibility of Further Breast Growth?

What is the recommended age for teenage girls? Would it be traumatic for a 15-year old? Would breast tissue still grow for a few more years? READ MORE

If my daughter is still growing, would be breast reduction be needed again later?

What is the average rate of growth after breast reduction surgery on teenagers? Does the amount of time that my daughter has been menstrating help... READ MORE

Is my desired size unrealistic or just beyond one doctor's abilities to achieve? I want to go from 34DD to 34B. (Photo)

Im a petite 26 yr old ( 5'5 ", 125 lbs ) wearing a 34 dd, desiring a 34b. My surgeon told me my breast tissue is very dense, making it difficult to... READ MORE

Did I lose too much breast tissue? (photos)

Hello, a while back I had a consultation for breast reduction surgery. I was finally approved by my insurance but my mother wouldn't let me get the... READ MORE

Will I have enough breast tissue for my lift without adding augmentation, currently a very deflated 32G? (photos)

After having 4 children and gastric sleeve I am at a great weight. I was a 34 HH, now a 32 G. The doctor and all others in the office feel I don't... READ MORE

Is there any way to get around the gram requirement for a breast reduction? (photos)

I am having a breast reduction and BCBS requires that about 475-500 grams be removed from each breast based on my BSA. However, my breasts are almost... READ MORE

I'm worried about lumpy disfigurement , Might I be a candidate for successful breast reduction? 30 FF/G (photo)

I am 130 lb. 5ft 2, 35years I constantly battle to keep my weight down as much as possible though rigorous exercise everyday. I am terrified to get... READ MORE

What size will I be? I was 32DDD, asked surgeon to make me a small B. He removed 230g from the left and 265g from the right

5'5"/125lbs, 'extremely dense" breast tissue (per surgeon and numerous mammograms). 230 gms taken from right breast/265 gms taken from left. Wondering... READ MORE

Is it a breast reduction going to relieve pain from the top part of the breast caused by fibrocystic tissue? (photos)

I am waiting for my referral for a breast reduction. I am 29 and 4'11 with a 36DD breast size. Due to swelling and cysts I have grown in size and pain... READ MORE

When preforming a Breast Reduction is there ever a risk of resecting too much tissue?

What are the complications of resecting to much tissue? Is this very common in Breast Reductions and how easy is resecting too much tissue to fix? READ MORE

Is the amount of breast tissue my PS removed at my reduction a larger-than-normal amount? (Photo)

I am 5'0, 155 lbs, and was a 38DD. She removed 564g from right breast and 524g from left. I am 5 weeks post op and look like a B possibly, which is... READ MORE

Can Le jour process involve breast tissue rearrangement to achieve upper pole fullness in case of breast lift? (Photo)

I want to avoid implants and am not a candidate for fat transfer, and I want to understand what Lollipop procedure entails. I read all about the skin... READ MORE

I'm 5'2, 180 pounds and a 38F. My doctor will remove 700 grams of breast tissue from Breast Reduction. What size would I be?

Hi, I'm just curious about my expectations for after my surgery. I'm 5'2, 180 pounds and a 38F. My doctor would like to remove 700 grams of breast... READ MORE

What to expect for breast reduction revision? (Photo)

I am having a revision for excessive breast tissue and skin under both my arms I am of normal weight. Was not there before or after breast reduction... READ MORE

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