Blood + Breast Reduction

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Should I Replace my Steri Strips if They Have Blood Underneath? (photo)

I had breast reduction surgery 5 days ago and i have dried blood sitting under my steri strips. my doctor showed me how to replace them. i am just... READ MORE

Day 3 Post Op Breast Reduction; Blood Spotting Around Nipple Area Is That Normal? (photo)

I'm 23 and had my breast reduction On July 16th 2012, (day 1) there was quite a bit of blood that stained my new support bra, all coming from the... READ MORE

Wound Dehiscence at 68 Days - is This Possible? How?

I have a small, circular opening along my vertical suture line of a breast reduction I had over 8 weeks ago. I'm young, in good health, and have... READ MORE

How Can I Help the Large Open Wound on my Left Breast to Heal? Silvadene?

I had a breast reduction three weeks ago and my left side has a largpigpen wound it will not heal and it keeps getting bigger my right side feels like... READ MORE

Incisions Are Oozing with Pain and Blood/pus 18 Days This Normal? BR Done 18 Days of 5 Lbs Removed?

Just checking to see if this is normal....I feel lots of pain and there are areas of the incisions under breasts that are dark and oozing with small... READ MORE

How long does it take for your body to reabsorb blood in breasts after reduction surgery? (Photo)

My right breast had a clogged drain after surgery. My doctor reassures me that my breasts should even out, and I trust him, but he also told me that... READ MORE

Am I Overreacting About Blood Blister? (photo)

I am 5 days post op for a breast reduction and noticed this morning after a shower that peeking out from under the tape is what looks like a blood... READ MORE

Infection in incision? (Photo)

Had breast reduction 11 days ago, until now there had been no discharge or major discomfort, today i have seen oozing blood/pus (i think) and... READ MORE

What is this? black and blue area that appeared last night 12 weeks post Breast Reduction? (photos)

This black/blue area appeared last night. I am 12 weeks post op, I can't see my doctor until Thursday, my nurse did not know what it was. Should I go... READ MORE

Breast Reduction 7 months ago, I have a hard area on stitch line now soft with blood. Is this normal? (photos)

The area on the stitches line was hard and would hurt slightly if I bumped it. Two weeks later it is now soft and filled with blood. It does not hurt.... READ MORE

Why Does my Nipple and Breast Ache? (photo)

I had surgery for breast reduction, during my healing stages I had to go back to the doctor because i was squirting blood, dr. Said it was old blood,... READ MORE

Breasts swollen and full of blood one week after breast reduction?

Breasts still swollen and full of blood after 1-week post op from breast reduction. Dr wants me back again next week. Should I be worried? Is there... READ MORE

Breast reduction leaking with bits of blood - normal?

I know that some tan-colored leakage can be normal but mine occasionally has drops of red blended in (I'm assuming blood). It has no odor. Should I be... READ MORE

Can milk ducts be a problem during surgery?

I just had my consultation for a breast reduction, which would be covered by my insurance. The Dr said that since I stopped breast feeding a few... READ MORE

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