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What Happened? 1 Year After Breast Reduction and They've Grown Back.

I had a breast reduction 1 year ago: DD to a C. I'm not a FULL D! How did this happen? I had no major weight gain at all. After surgery we had... READ MORE

Breast Reduction - Breasts Get Bigger 2 Weeks Post Op?

I had a breast reduction and I was wondering if it is normal or common to have the breasts be really small for the first week-week and a half after... READ MORE

Breast Reduction 1 Week 1 Day Post, Bigger Now Than Before Surgery?

It has been 1 week and 1 day since my breast reduction, I am still bigger now than when I went in for the surgery...I am so upset and discouraged I... READ MORE

My wounds has gotten bigger & not healing. Is there any reason not to have the wounds cleaned up & re-sutured?(photo)

My reduction was 5-8-14. Healed rapidly except for the top of a suture line. I'm on Actemra for RA & am concerned that my infusion will have to be... READ MORE

Is it possible insurance will cover my breast reduction? (photos)

I am about a G cup and im 19. My breast sag and are really heavy. One is ALOT bigger than the other. Though i dont want them too much smaller. Just... READ MORE

Hello had a reduction 23 days (Photo)

Is this normal separation under left breast my ps says it is but i am getting worried cause its getting bigger READ MORE

3 weeks post op Breast Reduction w/ lift, my right breast is still much bigger than the left one. Any suggestions? (photo)

I didn't want any implant/s, so the only way how to fix the asymmetry was to reduce and lift the bigger one and to make a lift on the smaller one.... READ MORE

Will Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover my breast reduction surgery?

I am 5'4'' and I am 170 pounds (overweight for my height). I always had big boobs but they are getting bigger and I am getting back pain. I am also a... READ MORE

Is it common for one breast to appear lower and larger after Breast Reduction surgery?

I am 4 weeks post op BR surgery. After week 1 I noticed one breast was larger and lower then the other. At my post op I mentioned it to my PS and she... READ MORE

2.5 weeks post op Breast reduction, my incisions have opened. Will this make my scars bigger where the incision has opened?

I am 2 weeks and 4 days post opt of my breast reduction surgery. I have parts where my incisions have opened, although I do not have an infection. My... READ MORE

I'm 31 years old, 38J breasts, no kids. Can I breast feed after Breast Reduction surgery?

If I have breast reduction surgery then have children later on in life will I be able to breast feed, will they get bigger during pregnancy/after and... READ MORE

Should I call the doctor back again? I have a separation which is getting bigger. 2 and a half weeks post op BR (Photo)

My breast reduction was two and half weeks ago. At my two week appointment my dr said everything looked great. In the last three days the scabs rubbed... READ MORE

Breasts are getting BIGGER two months after reduction. Why?

I had a breast reduction two months ago. Yes, I know that my breasts at two months are probably still swollen, but shouldn't they be getting less... READ MORE

Is it normal to have breast growth immediately after breast reduction?

I got a breast reduction a month ago. My recovery has been going amazing, but I am a little put out because I am almost convinced they are growing... READ MORE

Is it possible for breast to grow bigger even right after recent breast reduction?

Had a br three weeks ago, they felt small and perfect to me. Now I'm feeling like they are getting bigger again or could be my imagination? Is this... READ MORE

Safe to have another breast reduction?

I have had a b/r 7 yrs ago. I am now bigger than I was then 40G..I have bad back and neck problems .. Is it safe to have another READ MORE

I have large breasts, and one is larger/bigger than the other. Will a breast reduction fix this?

My left breast can sit nicely in a 38D bra, while my right breast spills out of a 38DD. I have to contantly adjust myself when wearing low cut... READ MORE

After my breast reduction I got a hematomia and instead of draining it he said it would go away. Now it's a size of a lemon!

Should he have drained it when I went n asked him to do so like my family dr asked. The new dr said now that' it is dried up when removing it , it... READ MORE

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