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Is 36B Too Small for Breast Reduction Surgery?

My breasts are by no means too large nor are they causing me physical pain but I desperately want perkier breasts. I am 21 years old with rather saggy... READ MORE

Lots of Small Wounds All Around Areola After Reduction. Will These Small Wounds Heal?

Two months ago I had the areola of my left breast reduced. A lot of scab has formed all around the areola and the scars are still red. My underwear... READ MORE

Areola/Breat Reduction? WIll My Scars Round Out More When They're Closer to Healing?

I had a breast reduction 3 weeks ago and for the most part the glue has come off and looking at my right areola it looks like whe my pc cut around it... READ MORE

Areola and Breast Reduction Cost? (photo)

I live Pittsburgh PA and i would like to know what the cost of a breast reduction and areola reduction would be? My breast are a 36C i would like to... READ MORE

Areola Reduction Scar? (photo)

I had my breast done approx three years ago and got an areola reduction at the same time. The breast augmentation came out nice, but the areola... READ MORE

I'm Black and Recently Had Reduction at 71. Healing and Uneven Size Are Problems. Is It Normal to Have Pain and Feel Knots?

Before surgery my right breast was the larger yet the left is now larger and had open oozing wounds weeks after the right healed and is droopier.... READ MORE

Cost of Areola Reduction on Both Breast but Breast Reduction on Only One Boob?

I'm an 18 year old female in north central fl and my right boob is significantly bigger than the right, I am unhappy about this and my areola size. I... READ MORE

Thick scab on areola 3 months after surgery. (photos)

Hello, I had a breast reduction, lift, implant and areola reduction on December 20,2013. It is now almost been 3 months since surgery and I still have... READ MORE

Areola Reduction Now and Breast Reduction Later Possible?

So my areolas are on the big side and I want to get them reduced. I would like to be able to do this now and then later on get a reduction on my... READ MORE

My question is concerning a breast reduction, I am concerned about losing my nipple sensation after surgery?

So if my doctor has to move and reduce the size of my areola and nipple will that mean my sensation/feeling be lost? READ MORE

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