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Help! Need to Heal Open Wound

I had my breast reduction on 4/5 and had this nasty open wound come under my left breast approaching 5 weeks post op. I am doing wet to dry dressing... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Antibiotics?

Does everyone receives antibiotics medication after breast reduction? My Ps said i wont need them and only prescribed perkecet, is that ok? READ MORE

Infection 2 Weeks After Breast Reduction?

I had a breast reduction 2 weeks ago and have now developed an infection in one of them.. My dr put me on antibiotics but after two days of taking... READ MORE

Can someone please help me? (photo)

My incision opened up 31/2 weeks after my breast reduction. I've kep it clean and covered and in a matter of 3 days it has gotten bigger. I've sought... READ MORE

At what point does a post-op incision infection need IV antibiotics?

I am two weeks and one day post op. My initial recovery has gone really well, and as time as gone on, I would have a little bit of seepage or... READ MORE

Probable Outcome and What Can Be Done for Surface Necrosis? (photo)

I'm 24 days post op, and just finished my second cause of anti biotics. I've been told I have surface necrosis with approx 5%loss on one side and 90%... READ MORE

I Had a Breast Reduction, Odor and Puss Coming From Incision?

The area from under the nipple where the stiches are is a black red colour with some puss. Today I noticed that there is a smell coming from it. I had... READ MORE

Is this an infection? They are warm to the touch and red. (photo)

I had a infection from a hole a couple weeks back took antibiotics and it cleared up..but now this happening and am not sure what its about. Does it... READ MORE

Breast Reduction: Recurrent Infections Despite Following Correct Protocol?

Within 2 weeks of BR I developed an enterococcus infection and 2 holes in the scars on each breast. All the typical symptoms. Given antibiotics,... READ MORE

I have just been diagnosed with mastitis 4-1/2 months post breast reduction, should a biopsy be done after antibiotics?

Is a MRI the only source of being sure this is cleared up after antibiotics are administered? Should a biopsy be done also? READ MORE

My doctor gave me SSD, a cream with silver in it to aid in the healing of my right breast nipple. Is this normal?

I had a breast reduction 3 wks ago. 1st week post op, I noticed the nipple was not healing well and there was some small drainage every day near the... READ MORE

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