Antibiotic + Breast Reduction

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Help! Need to Heal Open Wound

I had my breast reduction on 4/5 and had this nasty open wound come under my left breast approaching 5 weeks post op. I am doing wet to dry dressing... READ MORE

Does this look like a normal post op breast reduction? (Photo)

I am 2 weeks post op. 2nd week had heavy leakage (clear discharge + blood) and right breast pain. Was told it was normal - from swelling. Tape removed... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Antibiotics?

Does everyone receives antibiotics medication after breast reduction? My Ps said i wont need them and only prescribed perkecet, is that ok? READ MORE

Infection 2 Weeks After Breast Reduction?

I had a breast reduction 2 weeks ago and have now developed an infection in one of them.. My dr put me on antibiotics but after two days of taking... READ MORE

3 months post op of Breast Reduction and still have wound. Should I start another round of antibiotics? (photos)

I am 12 weeks post breast reduction and still having issues healing. I'm one week off this round antibiotics and I just started to become red, tender... READ MORE

Can someone please help me? (photo)

My incision opened up 31/2 weeks after my breast reduction. I've kep it clean and covered and in a matter of 3 days it has gotten bigger. I've sought... READ MORE

At what point does a post-op incision infection need IV antibiotics?

I am two weeks and one day post op. My initial recovery has gone really well, and as time as gone on, I would have a little bit of seepage or... READ MORE

Do post op wounds always have to close on their own after breast reduction? (photos)

After two months my separation finally closed. Just a week later my breast became red and hot to the touch. A pus filled blister formed and then... READ MORE

I Had a Breast Reduction, Odor and Puss Coming From Incision?

The area from under the nipple where the stiches are is a black red colour with some puss. Today I noticed that there is a smell coming from it. I had... READ MORE

Probable Outcome and What Can Be Done for Surface Necrosis? (photo)

I'm 24 days post op, and just finished my second cause of anti biotics. I've been told I have surface necrosis with approx 5%loss on one side and 90%... READ MORE

Is this an infection? They are warm to the touch and red. (photo)

I had a infection from a hole a couple weeks back took antibiotics and it cleared up..but now this happening and am not sure what its about. Does it... READ MORE

What should I do if antibiotics don't seem to be working on infection at T intersection 3 wks post Breast Reduction? (photo)

I had a breast reduction 2 weeks and 5 days ago was given 5 days antibiotics, 500 mg Keflex every 8 hrs. At 2 weeks 4 days I called the on call... READ MORE

Breast Reduction: Recurrent Infections Despite Following Correct Protocol?

Within 2 weeks of BR I developed an enterococcus infection and 2 holes in the scars on each breast. All the typical symptoms. Given antibiotics,... READ MORE

I had my breast reduction 3 wks ago, a week ago my breast became reddish. No fever. Is this normal? (Photo)

I went to see the doctor a week after the redness appeared. It was just the right breast. He put me back on antibiotic. After taking the antibiotic... READ MORE

My doctor gave me SSD, a cream with silver in it to aid in the healing of my right breast nipple. Is this normal?

I had a breast reduction 3 wks ago. 1st week post op, I noticed the nipple was not healing well and there was some small drainage every day near the... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction in June. I have opened up on both breasts at the t section. How long will it take to heal?

I've been told to clean it twice a day with saline or warm salty water. I've also been putting jelonet on it and covered them with non stick gauze.... READ MORE

I have just been diagnosed with mastitis 4-1/2 months post breast reduction, should a biopsy be done after antibiotics?

Is a MRI the only source of being sure this is cleared up after antibiotics are administered? Should a biopsy be done also? READ MORE

6 wks post op breast reduction & I have small hole. How long will it take for it not to ooze infection & what can I do? (photos)

Been on antibiotics for 3 + weeks of that time, I now have a very small hole that oozes infection eeven though I am on day 5 of keflex (10 days keflex... READ MORE

I had breast reduction 6 week's ago and have been on permanent antibiotics. Why is this infection not clearing up?

Can you advise as to why this infection is not clearing up . it is constantly oozing and weeping yellow gunge to which i have bben told is dead tissue . READ MORE

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