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Breast Reduction - Best Technique?

Considering my photo, how will I best achieve some reduction to lessen back and shoulder pain but keep fullness in cleavage? I want the "armpit... READ MORE

Differences Between Breast Reduction Techniques?

For Breast Reduction surgery, what are the differences in types of surgery? What are the differences between "Wise pattern", "anchor... READ MORE

Breast Reduction--Anchor Vs. Lollipop for Petite DDD? (photo)

I'm 5'2'' 125lbs and have DDD breasts. My PS won't perform a lollipop procedure on me even though it's a modest reduction and... READ MORE

Is the Anchor Pattern Breast Reduction a Reasonable Choice for my Dr to Decide On?

Hello, I have a BR booked for December. I like the Dr & think he has a lot of experience, but I'd really appreciate the input of a pro! He has... READ MORE

Should I Consider a Lollipop or an Anchor for my Breast Reduction? And What Size?

I've read a lot about both the anchor and the lollipop procedure. The anchor makes me reluctant because of the feared "boxy" look. I... READ MORE

Anchor Incision Only Option for G Cup Breast Reduction?

I was told by a doctor that someone with breasts as large as mine (~34G) is not eligible for anything other than the anchor procedure for breast... READ MORE

SPAIR or Anchor Technique? (photo)

I have seen 2 different PS with different ideas. The first suggested anchor technique due to asymmetry and severe sagging. The second suggested SPAIR... READ MORE

SPAIR or Weiss for 36K?

I am a 36K and the plastic surgeon agreed with my size. There are so many decisions but I am confused about the method I should get. Should I select... READ MORE

Is a Breast Reduction Using Vertical Pattern and L Incision in Fold Good for my Breasts? (photo)

I have had a few different opinions here and I just wish there was once text book answer. Should it be a question of debate based on degree of sagging... READ MORE

Breast Reduction to a B Cup Possible? (photo)

Will it be possible to reduce my breasts to a small high position through the newer techniques (lejour) or will it be necessary to use an anchor... READ MORE

What Can Be Done and Who is Responsible?

A few years ago I had a breast reduction (anchor incision) going from a 38F to a 38D. I am a large frame so going any smaller would not look right... READ MORE

How do the different techniques of the anchor procedure and the lollipop procedure affect the final appearance of the breast?

Other than the obvious difference is scar pattern, what physical characteristics can be achieved or not achieved with the two different techniques. Is... READ MORE

Breast reduction surgery techniques

Can you please clarify the different surgical techniques used during breast reduction surgery? What is a lollipop technique? What is an anchor... READ MORE

Had breast reduction and lift using anchor technique – anxious that this was not best option. Can a revision be done if needed?

I had a breast reduction 3 weeks ago - 34DD, 5'4 and ideal weight. Hoping for B/C cup. I'm starting to get the impression from doctor's answers that... READ MORE

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