Aftercare + Breast Reduction

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Incision Care After Breast Reduction? (photo)

I'm a few days post op after a breast reduction. I see a couple of schools of thought on antibacterial ointment, should I use it or not? I've been... READ MORE

Leg Elevation During Recovery

I'm having BR & TT. Would it be a good idea to elevate my legs while I'm recovering? READ MORE

Normal to Only Have One Consultation Before Breast Reduction Surgery?

Have already been approved for BS and have picked a well qualified PS. Im a healthy average size 5'5" 25 year old female but breasts are very... READ MORE

How Common is Breast Reduction for Teens Who Are in Their First Year of College?

Is a breast reduction procedure too much responsibility or too difficult for a freshman in college to deal with? Would they need someone to help them... READ MORE

Recommendation for Breast Reduction Healing Aids

What medication should I after a breast reduction? Some companies offer scar reduction and healing sheets, do these really work? How many weeks should... READ MORE

How Soon After BR Can I Play Golf?

How Soon After BR Can I Play Golf? READ MORE

Problems with Support? DDD to C.

I had my br surgery 3/22 (38DDD to about a C). sometimes when i walk, i feel the need to hold up/support my breasts as each step jars them somewhat. i... READ MORE

How long do I have to wear a compression bra? (photo)

If I wear it all day can I take it off before bed? I really hate wearing bras. & don't know how I will ever sleep with one on ! How will it impact my... READ MORE

How Many Hours After Breast Reduction Surgery Should Someone Plan to Have Someone with Them?

Everyone needs someone to drive them home after breast reduction surgery and to stay with them for support after the surgery is over but how many... READ MORE

Is my wound separation getting better or worse? (photos)

I am 3 weeks post op. I have a wound separation at the "T" under my right breast. My PS had me apply bacitracin and gauze for a week and then just... READ MORE

How long do you keep dressings after breast reduction?

I had my breast reduction on 9th October. I had it abroad so don,t have any post op checks. I had no drains and have soluble stitches. The advice from... READ MORE

Where Are Breast Reduction Surgeries Usually Performed?

I have been told that my breast reduction surgery will be performed in an ASC, however, I will also have an overnight stay. In my experience, ASCs are... READ MORE

Concerned about my Breast Reduction surgery recovery?

I had breast reduction surgery in July 2013 and I seemed to heal ok . But I am still having so much burning pain and sometimes its unbearable. I still... READ MORE

What Breast Reduction post op recovery/ aftercare would you suggest for someone who lives alone?

Just about every review I've read regarding post op, the ladies have had help (spouse, family, roomate etc). I live alone & am curious as to how I... READ MORE

I plan on having a Breast Reduction soon, would I have to hire a nurse myself for after-care?

This week I'll be attending a meeting with my plastic surgeon for breast reduction, and I wanted to know beforehand, would I have to hire a nurse for... READ MORE

Question about Terrasil ointment after Breast Reduction.

As part of my post operative instructions, my PS recommended to remove the steri strips at 2 weeks, and start applying Terrasil Infection Control... READ MORE

Breast reduction complications. 3 weeks post op. Following all wound care given by my surgeon just need some reassuring (Photo)

My left breast split open. I am wondering how this will heal if the swelling will go down and tissue will go back in? Will I need re stitching? My... READ MORE

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