4 Months Post-op + Breast Reduction

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Are Benign Lumps Typical After a Breast Reduction/lift?

In September, 4 mos after a breast reduction/lift in May, I felt a hard quarter sized lump, in the bottom left side of my left breast. It is... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Breast Reduction to Completely Heal?

Had a BR 4 months ago. in recovery room had 2 hematomas develop on right breast. doctor went back in at that time to evacuate area. It took about 6... READ MORE

Will my Breast Shape Return to Normal? (photo)

Reduction/lift in Oct 2012. From 38F to 38C. My surgeon says C, I think, B. My breast do not fill the C cup and I have tried MANY. "B" cup fits better... READ MORE

How Long Recover Natural Nipple After Production Breast Operation? (photo)

I had a reduction on my left breast 4 months ago, and my nipple isn't natural like my right. I did not have a reduction on my right breast. will it... READ MORE

Concern About Spitting Sutures for a Touch Up? (photo)

I had the breast reduction surgery 4 months ago. My breast size is pretty good, but the left breast is flatter on top. My PS will give me a touch up... READ MORE

What Would Be Causing Browning and Weeping of Skin Four Months After a Breast Reduction?

My daughter had breast reduction 4 months ago she's 17, the surgery went well, but 1 month after surgery she started having discoloration and oozing,... READ MORE

I Had my Breast Reduction 4 Months Ago and my Left Breast is Very Hard?

I had a breast reduction 4 months ago on Jan 27,2013 and my left breast still feels very hard. It feels like there is a baseball in there. Is this... READ MORE

Why should you not wear underwire for 4 months after a breast reduction?

I was told not to wear any underwire bras for at least 4 months post surgery. Why is this? The reason I am asking is I have a party to go to 3 months... READ MORE

After reduction my breast still large and saggy. How can this be fixed? (photo)

I had my surgery 4 months ago. Plus the left nipples is not round, both niplles are low. I was a 38 DD and now a 36 C+ and still heavy. I am... READ MORE

Almost 4 months post-op - Should I still be sore and tender?

I had a br October 8th and 2 weeks later had a hematoma evacuation surgery on the right breast. I understand it's going to take longer to heal now... READ MORE

I'm Almost 4 Months Out, and my Areolas Have Rashes on Them (Few Days' Old) - Ideas? Advice?

A few months back, I was using neosporin heavily, so I gave myself contact dermatitis from over-use... but this time, the rash is ONLY on the areolas.... READ MORE

Breast Necrosis After Breast Reduction?

I have Breast Necrosis in my left breast from a breast reduction surgery I had in Nov 2012, My doctor wants to have another surgery but I DONT is... READ MORE

I Am 4 Months Post Op for a Breast Reduction. Still Very Little Nipple Sensation?

Hello!4 months after a br reduction-everything went beautiful.My right breast is a bit smaller than my left, but my dr is going to even them out in... READ MORE

Wider based breast and lipo revision? (photo)

I had a BR & I'm 4 months po. My left appears to be fuller & sits up higher whereas the left has dropped. My ps said it is wider based/larger... READ MORE

BR revision via liposuction? (photo)

I had a BR and I am 4 months po. My left appears to be fuller on top and the bottom. It also seems to sit up higher whereas the left has dropped. My... READ MORE

I had a breast reductions in july 23 2013, about 4 months ago?

I noticed a big (about the size of half a match box) hard tender and painfull lump on the left side of my breast, what could it be. READ MORE

BR revision via liposuction

I had a breast reduction done this 4 months ago. My left is larger. My ps said he should have taken more out, so now will have a revision done via... READ MORE

Is there any hope for minimizing a breast reduction incision?

I had the procedure in August of this year and the incision below my bust, just around the cleavage area is dark and raised. As a matter of fact the... READ MORE

Infection nearly 4 months post BR, nothing clearing it up. What do I do?

Im freaking out because I have been battling with an infection (redness and cellulite) in my both breasts for few months. I have been on several oral... READ MORE

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