Sagging + Breast Reconstruction

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My Breast Are Extremely Different in Size! What is the Easiest, Cheapest And, Least Painful Way to Fix Them? (photo)

My breasts are EXTREMELY different in size! The older I get, the worse it seems to get! I am 21 years old. They are getting saggy and my nipples keep... READ MORE

I Am Almost 17 and Have Severely Asymmetrical Breasts, What Can I Do?

I am almost 17 and my left breast is an A cup and the other is a C cup. It is very noticeable and the larger one is sagging. They've been uneven for... READ MORE

Will a Breast Lift and Augmentation Require Two Seperate Procedures? (photo)

I have (in my opinion) severe sagging breasts. My breast have been like this since puberty. I haven't had any children but I have loss a significant... READ MORE

Avoiding Complications from Breast Reconstruction?

What can I do to improve the overall appearance and possible complications? READ MORE

Should breast implants after reconstruction begin to sag and ripple after 6 weeks? (photo)

What are the best techniques to repair this? Delayed reconstruction after double mastectomy even with 24 hours support bra wear. Spacers in for 3 1/2... READ MORE

Risk of Sagging Skin if Tissue Expanders Are Filled More That Implant Size?

Hi, I am in the process of reconstruction (nipple sparing BMX). My tissue expanders are at 250 cc, but my doctor plans to use 200 cc implants with... READ MORE

Is there a way to fix a problem with oversize breast pockets, sagging and pain post reconstruction? What are my options?

After final reconstruction, prophylactic tissue sparing mastectomy with spacers at 8 weeks and permanent implants (425cc silicone/34 C) 3 /12 months... READ MORE

I am 2 mo post mastopexy and implants ( 200cc approx each side) and still feel very saggy. (photos)

Should I consider revision? Pre op I was a 34D and wanted to ideally be more a C. My doctor said I needed at least a 200 cc implant because of my... READ MORE

Is submuscular or subglandular breast implants better for someone who already is a saggy 34DD?

Two doctors told me two different things. One suggested submuscular silicone while the other subglandular saline. I am getting a mastopexy and areola... READ MORE

Advantages of bilateral mastectomy/reconstruction?

From a plastic surgery perspective, what are the advantages to having a bilateral mastectomy in implant based reconstruction? (I asked my plastic... READ MORE

Can you have a breast lift after a breast reconstruction?

It has been 6 years since my mastectomy and reconstruction during the last 4 months my left breast has sagged and become flat in the upper portion and... READ MORE

I had 4 breast surgeries 10 yrs ago, and now have thin skin flaps. Can I have surgery to exchange for much smaller implants?

54 years old; 10 yrs s/p breast reduction, then bil mastectomy with immediate reconstruct (saline) & 2 add'l reconstructs (silicone) - within 18 mos.... READ MORE

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