Rupture + Breast Reconstruction

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Reconstruction After Breast Cancer: Will Medicare Pay to Replace Ruptured Implants?

I had breast cancer 23 years ago with reconstruction. My implants have been replaced once, 12 years ago, and these are now leaking. Will Medicare pay... READ MORE

My Mastectomy Reconstruction Silicone Implant is Ruptured. Can Explant Enbloc and Saline Replacement Be Done at Same Time?

I had bilateral mastectomy and silicone implant reconstruction in 2006. One of the implants has ruptured. Is explant with enbloc reccommended? Can a... READ MORE

What Would Cause a Blister on my Skin Right from Surgery?

I had double mastectomies over 20yrs ago and reconstruction. Per cancer cells. My implants ruptured. I went in surgery to have old out and new mem put... READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction/Silicone Impants?

I had mastectomy in 2004 and have silicone implants.MRI showed ruptured left implant sitting in the tissues created capsule.The implant feels... READ MORE

Saline Implant Rupture After Reconstructive Surgery

Hi! I am a 28 year old who had BMX with immediate recon with TE's in Janauary 2011 and (saline)implant exchange surgery April 2011. In the last... READ MORE

Is Having a Inner Thigh Flap for Breast Reconstruction Good Idea?

I am about to have fat transfer surgery. I already had double mastectomy and reconstruction on right side using my stomach skin as a flap and the left... READ MORE

I had a preventive double mast 11 years ago, my saline implants were very firm and well rounded. Why do I have pain?

In the last 2 weeks, I have started to have pain, see visible changes. Implants have movement to the side, not up & done. my L breast seems to have a... READ MORE

6 Hours After Bilateral Mastectomy, Went Back Due to Left Expander Rupture?

I Had Bilateral Mastectomy on July 30 2012. Roughly 6 Hrs After Surgery I Was Taken Back in Due To left expander rupturing....I have had major... READ MORE

Is it safe to leave a deflated tissue expander in your breast until reconstruction?

Last October 2013, I was diagnosed with right breast stage 3c breast cancer. My treatment plan was surgery w/ a double mastectomy, chemo, and then... READ MORE

How long is too long for JP drains and excessive fluid output??

I am 4wks post op from a grade 4 capsulectomy and ruptured silicone implant. I had reconstructive surgery 7 yrs ago. I still have a JP drain in my... READ MORE

How Long to Wait to Repair a Collapsed Nipple?

I had a ruptured implant removed. 4 weeks later I had another surgery to remove a large hematoma. which resulted in a collapsed nipple. READ MORE

What's going on with this implant? Does it sound like it's ruptured?

I had a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction with saline implants 15 years ago. The non cancerous breast has been aching and burning (especially... READ MORE

Can Ruptured Silicone Implants Cause Gas to Develop in the Chest Area?

I received radiation treatment following breast cancer, which resulted in scar tissue being formed. I had a masectomy after a reocurrence in the same... READ MORE

I had capsular contraction and rupture of left breast 10years after mastectomy and had right breast reduction 2months ago?

I had the reduction on right side and brazilan gel 432 cc implant in left after rupture implant was removed and breast reduction and slightly smaller... READ MORE

Can you have a breast lift after a breast reconstruction?

It has been 6 years since my mastectomy and reconstruction during the last 4 months my left breast has sagged and become flat in the upper portion and... READ MORE

Had you ever heard of silicone leak at 7 weeks? I was preventive double mastectomy with BRCA1+ and did this to prevent ca.

I don't want to be flat chested. I have had to have 3 surgeries including by PBM on 6/16/14, and wound cleaning of 7/8/14 (with Sonoma (sp)) right... READ MORE

Could this be my body rejecting or a lyphodema of the breast? (photo)

1/2012 Cancer 3/2012 Dble Mastectomy 11/2012 Implants 10/13 Peud Orange fluid with ultrasound 12/13 severes swelling stabbing pain redness 1/14 MRI... READ MORE

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