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Breast Reconstruction Revision?

I had reconstructive surgery 5 years after my mastectomy but I only got an implant. I would like to have it redone so that both breasts will look the... READ MORE

Failed Breast Reconstruction w/ Implant. Try Again?

Hi: 7 years ago I had breast cancer, had a lumpectomy, then had radiation. Then 3 years later I had another cancer event in a different location on... READ MORE

Unhappy with Reconstruction After Mastectomy?

I had a bilateral mastectomy last year, with tissue expanders and silicone implants. My breasts don't match and one side hurts. The implant moves... READ MORE

Failed Reconstruction After Mastectomy Due to Persistant Drainage. What Are my Options?

I had a prophylactic mastectomy with tissue exp and alloderm. My skin opened 8 wks post op and I drained from open wounds on the bottom of each breast... READ MORE

Revisional Breast Reconstruction for Capsular Contracture - Best Option?

I went to 4 surgeons and got 4 varied recommendations. I am unable to decide the way to go....2 out of 4 would use alloderm. I am concerned about the... READ MORE

Reconstruction After Breast Cancer: Will Medicare Pay to Replace Ruptured Implants?

I had breast cancer 23 years ago with reconstruction. My implants have been replaced once, 12 years ago, and these are now leaking. Will Medicare pay... READ MORE

How Long After the Healing Can I Redo Reconstruction? Which One Will Be Better in my Case? (photo)

Due to breast cancer i had a mastectomy in 2010 and radiation in 2011. Two months after radiation i did reconstruction with implant and got infected.... READ MORE

Second Try with Breast Expanders. Last Removed Due to Infection. Now Having Another. Why?

I need to know why I keep having these infections. in the right side of my chest wall, is it because my cancer started there and they removed my lymp... READ MORE

Repairing Damaged Inframammary Fold After Skin Sparing Mastectomy. Can I Get a Repair?

I had a skin sparing mastectomy with immediate muscle sparing free tram reconstruction less than 2 years ago. I have since gone under general... READ MORE

700cc Silicone Implants?

Two weeks ago I had my exchange surgery using 700 cc's cohesive gel implants. I am very pleased with the outcome as I had one breast radiated 18 years... READ MORE

Can I Have Breast Reconstruction Revision and Get a Larger Size?

I chose a full B cup, but doctor wanted bigger. Now that I am 3 years out from chemo, I think I do want to go to full C/D. I have a different fuller... READ MORE

Can Neoform Be Used over Breast Implants After Radiation?

I have capsular contracture due to radiation and need a revision to reconstructed breasts after breast cancer. I've had consults with two different... READ MORE

When is the Right Time for Revision Surgery on Reconstructed Breast? (photo)

I have a 585cc cohesive gel implant (under muscle) as a result of double mastectomy w/construction. I have "side boob" and I'm wondering... READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction Implant Revision - More Expansion Needed?

I saw a plastic surgeon because I am having pressure and pain across my chest. I have a 250 cc implant. He told me that my current implant is way too... READ MORE

Second Time I Need Pocket Adjustment. What Causes This?

I had bi-lat mastectomy 12/2009. I am small frame and was 38D. I have high profile silicone breast implants (550cc)which fit into my 38D bras. I had... READ MORE

How Often is Breast Reconstruction Revision Surgery Needed for People Who Had a Mastectomy?

Will a mastectomy be enough, or are there needs for breast reconstruction that most patients consider? READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction and May Want Revisions, What Are my Options?

I had breast reconstruction about five and half years ago. I am debating about having it redone to correct some problems. My skin is so thin over the... READ MORE

Size Revision to One-step Breast Reconstruction?

I had a bilateral mastectomy with one-step reconstruction. Prior to the surgery I was a 36DD and wanted to go smaller with the surgery - that did not... READ MORE

I Had Breast Cancer in 2003 at Age 39, Had a Double Mastectomy, What Are Options for Implant Revision?

My right side is tight and uncomfortable (radiation?). I also never sweat on my right side (lymph nodes were all removed). My left side is flabby and... READ MORE

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