Replacement + Breast Reconstruction

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Will I Need a Breast Augmentation Again 10 Years Later?

My doctor is recommending implants on my right breast after my mastectomy. I asked him if in 10-12 yrs (i would be 70-72) I would need another surgery? READ MORE

What is a Typical Timeframe To Keep in Tissue Expanders After Final Fill?

How long should tissue expander stay after final fill? I had my last fill on Feb 15 and now 370cc,I feel that my PS is in a hurry for the... READ MORE

After Radiation - How Long to Wait Before Replacing Expanders w/ Implants?

Is there a preferred waiting time after radiation, to replace expanders with the implants? READ MORE

What Would Cause a Blister on my Skin Right from Surgery?

I had double mastectomies over 20yrs ago and reconstruction. Per cancer cells. My implants ruptured. I went in surgery to have old out and new mem put... READ MORE

How Long Should One Wait Before Having a Nipple Replacement?

After a breast reconstruction following surgically treated breast cancer, when would be the best time for a nipple replacement procedure? READ MORE

Is an MRI Covered by Insurance for Future Checks on Silicone Implants That I Have Due to Breast Cancer Reconstruction?

I was diagnosed with cancer my right breast, and had a double mastectomy with immediate expander placement. I just had replacement surgery, with... READ MORE

Can an Expander Flip on Its Own and if So How?

I recently had to have my expander replaced. My 1st surgeon who put the expander in relocated and I had to find another doctor to complete my breast... READ MORE

Breast Cut for Reconstruction?

I am having my expanders replaced with silicone implants. My current incisions are from my nipples toward my armpits. Is there a downside to making... READ MORE

Will replacement of the breast implant occur simultaneously?

I had breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, but the appears to have leaked. When they remove the silicone implant, will they be able to put in a... READ MORE

How do I know when to replace/exchange my implant after reconstruction?

I had reconstruction one right side with the silicone implant placed in early 2003. For past 6 months I have experienced tightness that feels like... READ MORE

Will my allergan 410s soften in my reconstructed breasts? (photo)

Last week I swapped my 600 round silicone implants for the new allergan 410s. I switched for a number of reasons. They look good. They look so natural... READ MORE

Reconstruction After Masectomy?

Do you have to have the implants replaced over the years ? READ MORE

Replacing Breast Implants for a TUG or S-Gap?

Hi, I would like to replace my implants (bi-literal skin and nipple sparing breast reconstruction) for an either TUG or S-Gap flap. I am slim and... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have Highly Cohesive Breast Implants (Gummy Bear Implants) Without Being Able to Have a Screening MRI?

I had breast reconstruction 6 years ago with saline implants, and need to have them replaced already. I would much prefer to have the gummy bear... READ MORE

Can Seroma and capsular contracture be corrected with breast revision or reconstruction if implant is removed?

About 6 weeks after my tissue expander exchange with gel implants I developed a second mound beneath my breast. The mound developed a small round... READ MORE

Can another flap be added to an existing diep?

I had bilat diep Dec 2013. I was a 36c. The larger left breast had 342g removed, replaced with 596g of fat. The smaller right breast had 496g removed,... READ MORE

Pbm end of July. I had revision last week. Suspect flip. Does this mean another revision? Is surgery only option? (Photo)

2 biopsies, LCIS/ALH titanium chip, 2nd core/lumpectomy (same). BRCA neg. PBM=left breast covered LCIS/ALH & 4 lymph nodes on left - right 2 nodes (1... READ MORE

I had a double mastectomy, they took my belly fat to replace both of my breast this was on Sept. 23/2014. Any suggestion?

Since then I had 2 infections 1 in my belly button 2 spots on my belly button were it open, my surgent told me that I would be 100% back to myself... READ MORE

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