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Should Reconstruction Expanders Move Under the Skin?

I have had my tissue expanders in place since bilateral mastectomy 11/15/10. I stopped getting fills after December 20th so I could heal from my pain,... READ MORE

Is One-stage Breast Reconstruction Better Than Two-stage Reconstruction?

Can the same results be expected with a single breast reconstruction surgery as with a two-stage procedure over time? READ MORE

What Are the Benefits of Reconstruction for Tuberous Breasts?

I am Native American and have Tribal Health Insurance. I am trying to put together information about having my Tuberous Breast Deformity corrected. I... READ MORE

26 Year Old Wants Natural Looking Breasts After Mastectomy?

What are the best breast reconstruction methods, for a natural look and reduced visibility of scar tissue? I want to look as normal as possible and... READ MORE

Is It Best to Have Reconstruction Right After a Mastectomy or Delay It a While?

This is my second battle with breast cancer and I did not have a full mastectomy the first time, so I am this time. There is a significant amount of... READ MORE

Cell-enhanced Breast Reconstruction Post Lumpectomy?

What can you tell me about cell-enhanced reconstruction? Would you recommend this specific procedure for a woman who has undergone a lumpectomy and... READ MORE

Fat used in Breast Reconstruction?

Where does the fat come from when used in breast reconstruction surgery? Is everyone a candidate for this? READ MORE

What Are the Reason(s) for Tissue Expanders in Breast Reconstruction?

In a skin sparing mastectomy breast reconstruction where radiation therapy is not planned are tissue expanders used to enlarge the remaining skin or... READ MORE

What Are the Benefits of a Two Stage Breast Reconstruction?

I understand that breast reconstruction can be carried out in either one or two surgeries and I'm wondering why a two-surgery process would be better? READ MORE

Nipple & Areola Construction from Alloderm?

Is it possible to use Alloderm to create the areola and nipple after breast reconstruction using tissue expanders and implants? Have any of you... READ MORE

If I have the BRCA gene what are the best options or plan of attack for mastectomy and reconstruction?

I'm 35, with a family history of breast cancer.. (mom, stage 4 at age 42, paternal grandmother, maternal aunt). I'm in the process of getting tested... READ MORE

Breast reconstruction after double mastectomy (skin and nipple saved)? (photos)

Hi, I am a cancer patient and I am having double mastectomy (skin and nipple is saved) and breast reconstruction same time, I want to achieve a 34dd... READ MORE

Post op tnbc in left breast.lumpectomy both breasts much smaller. Will I be eligible for reconstructive surgery?

They are now uneven much smaller and no longer firm due to operation and loss of weight. Will I be eligible for re-constructive surgery to both... READ MORE

Does a deip or tummy tuck from reconstructive breast surgery cause any loss of sexual feeling?

I would like to know the truth about this. Will a deip or tummy tuck involve severing of any of the interconnected networks of muscles, ligaments,... READ MORE

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