Nipple Sparing + Breast Reconstruction

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Could a Tight Dressing After a Nipple Sparing Mastectomy Cause Decreased Blood Flow/necrosis? (photo)

I had a "nipple sparing" bilateral mastectomy with expander placement due to + BRCA 1 genetic test. The Dr. "on call" (not my surgeon) ordered a... READ MORE

Did my Wife Receive Nipple Saving Surgery or Not? (photo)

My wife had DIEP nipple saving surgery 7 weeks ago. She did not have cancer prior to surgery. We notice two weeks after the surgery that her nipples... READ MORE

Reconstruction Rippling with Silicone?

Hello, I had breast reconstruction on Oct 19 2012. I had a nipple sparing mastectomy followed by expanders followed by round silicone Hp 600cc... READ MORE

L May Have to Have Bi-lat Skin/nipple Sparing Mastectomy. I Have Chest Wall Implants Now. Results?

I am waiting on BRCA test results. Due to DCIS in 2007. I have saline implants in the chest wall on both sides. I am a D cup. If the BRCA is positive,... READ MORE

Options for dent/rippling in one breast after nipple sparing bilateral mastectomy with direct to implant reconstruction? (photo)

5 months out from mastectomies & immediate implants w/ Alloderm. IMF incisions. 371g removed on left, 446g removed on right, and 435cc Natrelle... READ MORE

I had a nipple sparring mastecomy. With the expanders my nipples are always erect will that continue that way after exchange?

I had a nipple sparring mastecomy. Next month I will be exchanging my tissue expanders for silicone round implants. With the expanders my nipples have... READ MORE

Enhancing my Size After Reconstruction. Can I Do That?

I had a dbl mastectomy with a nipple sparing reconstruction. Everything turned out great but now i am wishing I went somewhat bigger. Can that still... READ MORE

Alloderm infection after surgery, softening of the breasts after bilateral nipple sparing mastectomy and sensation (Photo)

1) if the alloderm is going to get infected after reconstructive surgery for breast cancer, how soon after the surgery is it typical for the infection... READ MORE

it's a 420cc moderate saline breast implant good for me? How will I look?

Its been a year since my nipple sparing bilateral mastectomy. I had inmediate implant reconstruction but my implants are encapsulated. Im currently... READ MORE

What type of specialist would I see? No one knows where to refer me (Photo)

I had a prophylatic nipple sparring double mastectomy about 3 months ago. My plastic surgeon.PT and PCP are perplexed. All 3 professionals have no... READ MORE

Did my surgeon choose the correct breast implants?

I had prophylactic nipple sparing mastectomy with immediate reconstruction I had breast aug 6 years ago with saline high profile overfilled to 425cc... READ MORE

I am undergoing a nipple sparing bilateral mastectomy in 11 days. Are tissue expanders a must?

I have been diagnosed with DCIS and am undergoing a nipple sparing bilateral mastectomy in 11 days. I have been told I can go directly to silicone... READ MORE

Replacing Breast Implants for a TUG or S-Gap?

Hi, I would like to replace my implants (bi-literal skin and nipple sparing breast reconstruction) for an either TUG or S-Gap flap. I am slim and... READ MORE

Implants Removal After NS Sparing Mastectomy, TUG Reconstruction Next Where Does the Stretched Muscle Go Unseen?

I will have my implants removed after ns sparing mastectomy. I have been unhappy with the odd appearance of the stretched muscle (that was created for... READ MORE

Would like opinions on the use of fat grafting to enhance results at the 2nd stage of reconstructive surgery?

I recently had a prophylactic bilateral simple nipple sparing mastectomy. I currently have Tissue Expanders in place. My doctor plans to replace my... READ MORE

Is there still hope for partially black nipple to survive? (photos)

I am 2wks post op from nipple sparing PBM (BRCA1 carrier) with expanders. One mo prior, I had a nipple delay and my left nipple developed scar tissue... READ MORE

Do I Need to Be Concerned About Skin Problems Later if I Go Up to 420cc Size Withy Panders & Receive Memory Gel Implants?

I had a double mastectomy with nipple and skin sparing. No radiation, I was BRCA positive. I want to go up to 420 cc and am at 360 now with expanders READ MORE

Can a second surgery improve or hurt my body? (photo)

I had a double prophylactic nipple sparing mastectomy Jan 2014, exchange April 15 2014 with Natalie 410 MF High Cohesive anatomically shaped silicone... READ MORE

How long does it take to recover from a subcutaneous mastectomy?

How long is the hospial stay and how long will I need to be off work? READ MORE

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