Leak + Breast Reconstruction

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My Expander Has a Leak, What Can Be Done for Proper Expanding?

One of my expander is leaking and everytime its expanded, it stays up for about a day and a half. Can I get a good stretch? READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction/Silicone Impants?

I had mastectomy in 2004 and have silicone implants.MRI showed ruptured left implant sitting in the tissues created capsule.The implant feels... READ MORE

How should I treat leaking at breast reconstruction incision site?

2 months after breast reconstruction surgery my left breast had a pin size hole in the incision and was leaking pus. the doctor put me on antibiotics.... READ MORE

I had reconstruction 10 years ago with silicone implants. Are my Implants Leaking?

I had reconstruction 10 years ago with silicone implants...Suddenly my left breast looks smaller and has a small pocket of loose skin on it. Is it... READ MORE

I Had Breast Reduction on a Breast That Had Radiation, wont Heal, drains & Smells Bad?

I had breast cancer on the right breast and had it removed (lump ) then lots of radiation which caused the inplant to leak. So they removed the... READ MORE

Is wound breaking down? (photos)

I had double mastectomies with immediate reconstruction,strattice and silicon implants 10 weeks ago.5weeks after my op the skin flaps on my right... READ MORE

Any Danger from a Breast Expander Left in 7 Years? It Has Leaked.

I was unable to proceed with reconstruction beyond the first expander. Last night the saline leaked out. Do I need to do anything or will it not be a... READ MORE

Gel Implants Possible Leak and Dropping More?

I am almost 6 weeks into my 5th reconstructive surgery after a double mastectomy. I have gel implants. I see 2 wrinkles at the top of my left side.... READ MORE

3 Failed Expanders, what are my options now?

Over 3 years I've had 3 expanders all have "deflated" after the first my surgeon put in an implant that was 1/2 the size of the expansion area which... READ MORE

One of my breast expanders is leaking.

My right breast expander is leaking. I went to Dr. today they refilled it saying I lost all that was in it. My Dr. says I will have to keep coming in... READ MORE

I am a 63 yr woman. 5 yrs ago I had a bilateral with reconstruction. I have silicone implants. I recently had an ultrasound.

Ultrasound showed abnormalities of the right implant. I have been experiencing pain and feeling little bumps on the right-side. It also seems to be... READ MORE

Need to know more about my breast

I had surgery on my breast and had a lump removed which was called pash that cause your breast to grow out of control my doctor put some strips over... READ MORE

3 month post op of Breast cancer reconstruction, there is a small leak. Is this normal?

I have had a pinhole size leakage off and on since I had implants put in 3 months ago. Liquid is very light yellow, never changes, watery.  READ MORE

Is it possible for silicone to leak through your skin?

I had a double mastectomy in November 2014, reconstructive surgery in March 2015. I woke up this morning with my bra completely soaked on one side. I... READ MORE

Can my breast be made to look symmetrical again without the dimples and rippling? (photos)

In 2092 I had a bilateral subconscious mastectomy with immediate reconstruction using saline implants then I ended up with capsular contraction and... READ MORE

What is the best process for replacing a leaking silicone implant related to mastectomy?

Can you reinforce the distal area of the capsule from a mastectomy implant replacement with stitches, or anything else, to strengthen that area? My... READ MORE

Had breast cancer 17 years ago & had implants put in. Left started leaking and the right one developed capsular. Any suggestion?

I just had implants removed and new ones put in the shape of them make me flat chested i don't even fill up my size a bra there is volume up top like... READ MORE

Is my implant leaking or do I just need fillers? (photos)

I had immediate reconstruction after a mastectomy 6 years ago. They used a silicone implant. It looks a cup size different than my other breast now,... READ MORE

Will necrotized hematoma leak into the rest of my body as it has been so long since the accident? (Photo)

June 2014 auto accident caused severe bleeding in left breast from seatbelt. Should I insist on seeing the plastic surgeon (who is currently waiting... READ MORE

Had you ever heard of silicone leak at 7 weeks? I was preventive double mastectomy with BRCA1+ and did this to prevent ca.

I don't want to be flat chested. I have had to have 3 surgeries including by PBM on 6/16/14, and wound cleaning of 7/8/14 (with Sonoma (sp)) right... READ MORE

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