Latissimus Flap + Breast Reconstruction

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Better Symmetry? Lat Flap with Implant or Tissue Expander and Implant?

I am 35, having a unilateral mastectomy, no chemo, no radiation. I've received two different opinions from board certified plastic surgeons about... READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction - LD Flap w/ Implant After Expander Infection?

I had radiation on left breast 2 years ago. Now I had mastactomy and reconstruction with expander , and have infection.2 weeks I have picc line with... READ MORE

After 3 Surgeries Still Have Lateral Dislocation of my Right Breast Implant What to Do? (photo)

Trying to find research on forming breast pockets & using the new solid Natrelle or Sientra implants. Surgery 1 I had double mastectomy +... READ MORE

Help with Choosing Method for Breast Reconstruction, Lift and Implants?

I need to make up my mind regarding breast reconstruction, with breast implants and breast lift. I have gone to different plastic surgeons. I am 50... READ MORE

Multiple Infections - Should I Remove the Expander or Continue w/ LD Flap Surgery?

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009; had a bilateral mastectomy and LN dissection with reconstruction done during this surgery (expanders... READ MORE

Lattisimus Dorsi Flap With Silicone Implant Reconstruction After Radiation? (photo)

I had left breast Mx on 3/ 2011, followd by 33 trtmts of radiation; total of 60.4 Gy over 33 fractions,ended 6/ 2011. Reconstruction on 4/ 2012 as... READ MORE

I'm Still Having Swelling and Pain, I Can't Even Walk on Treadmill W/o Swelling and Tightness. Is This Normal?

I have had an mastectomy followed by latissimus dorsi flap, tissue expander, then breast implant Dec 13th 2011, nipple reconstruc. Feb 2,2012. same... READ MORE

Is Cutting the Thoracodorsal Nerve Recommended After Lat Flap to Prevent Animation?

Is Cutting the Thoracodorsal Nerve Recommended After Lat Flap to Prevent Animation? READ MORE

How to Reduce Tightness After Breast Reconstruction?

Will Cutting Thoracordorsal Nerve After Lat Flap Reduce Tightness? Feeling of Muscles in Breasts? READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Fix a LAT Flap That is Painful and Twitchy?

I had a bilat DIEP reconstruction in conjunction with a bilat mastectomy. One side had horrendous complication/infections and ultimately had to be... READ MORE

How Can the Indentations in my Back Be Fixed? Caused by a Latissimus Breast Reconstruction? (photo)

Scarless lattissinus. I also have bulges in my armpit from the muscle being brought under there. What,,if anything, can be done to correct my back?... READ MORE

I Had a Unilateral Mastectomy on Rt Breast W/Lat Flap. Implant Used Was Natrelle Style 15 616 Cc's.

2nd mastectomy w/lat flap to left. Implant used in rt seems too wide. It extends to my side (I have side boobs). I'm 5'4 127 lbs. I asked about going... READ MORE

Lat Flap They Resolve?

I had a LD flap done on my right breast due to rads damage about 3.5months ago. My back is killing me, lower back, down the spine and between my... READ MORE

After a failed reconstruction with a latissimus flap and expanders could anything be done to correct my ugly scars?

I had an attempted breast reconstruction. The expanders were put in and had to be taken out due to staff infection. Could anything be done? I could... READ MORE

After a "Lat Flap", is it normal that transplanted muscles continue to contract when using back muscles?

I had a "Lat Flap" with mammary implant done 2 years ago. Since then, whenever I use my back muscles, the transplanted muscle contracts the whole... READ MORE

Will cutting the thoraco-dorsal nerve stop severe cramping in my latissimus dorsi flap breast reconstruction?

I had a mastectomy with latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction in Sept 08. I am small breasted so no implant was necessary. I have had 4 lipo modelling... READ MORE

Can I Waterski After Latisimus Flap Reconstruction?

I had prophylactic nil mastectomies December 2011. Can I water ski without concern of injury? READ MORE

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