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Breast Implants After Lumpectomy and Radiation?

Do you recommend breast implants after a lumpectomy and radiation? If so, what type of implants and what are the pros and cons of this type of... READ MORE

Are There Nipple Implants for Breast Reconstruction?

Are there nipple implants or cohesive gel implants (formed) that are made with a shape that could create a more normal looking breast/nipple? It would... READ MORE

Will I Need a Breast Augmentation Again 10 Years Later?

My doctor is recommending implants on my right breast after my mastectomy. I asked him if in 10-12 yrs (i would be 70-72) I would need another surgery? READ MORE

Failed Breast Reconstruction w/ Implant. Try Again?

Hi: 7 years ago I had breast cancer, had a lumpectomy, then had radiation. Then 3 years later I had another cancer event in a different location on... READ MORE

Breast Implants vs Tissue Fillers for Breast Reconstruction

I have breast cancer, and will undergo mastectomy, but my insurance will not approve the use of Alloderm for the reconstruction because they say its... READ MORE

Will Insurance Cover Implant Exchange under Cancer Mastectomy Reconstruction? Is Procedure Realistic?

I Had Dbl Mastectomy W/ Reconstruction (Saline Implants). My Left Breast Has Always Had a Couple of Wrinkles/ Bubbles. I would like to exchange my... READ MORE

Implants vs. Tissue for Breast Recontruction After Prophylactic Mastectomy

I am a 36 yo thin, healthy, small breasted, BRCA1+ woman. I am planning a prophylactic nipple sparing double mastectomy. Because I am healthy, my... READ MORE

Sientra Shaped Implants vs. Smooth Round Gel for Breast Cancer Reconstruction?

I am considering a revision from smooth round silicone implants following bilateral mastectomies to the Sientra shaped implants. Which base shape is... READ MORE

Is Fat Grafting The Right Choice For My Breast Reconstruction?

On Sept 28 2011 I had a DIEP Flap procedure performed. I had a bi-lateral Mastectomy due to breast cancer. Underwent Chemo and Radiation. After the... READ MORE

Are Behind the Pectoral Muscle Breast Implants Ok After Lumpectomy, with or Without Radiation?

I've been recently diagnosed with Stage 1 DCIS, and going to undergo lumpectomy. Dr. doesn't think radiation will be necessary. Can I still have... READ MORE

I Am Considering Breast Reconstruction Using a Spectrum Implant/expander- What Result Can I Expect?

I had a tissue-sparing mastectomy in April. I had chemo but no radiation. I am a 38B. Is a Spectrum implant/expander reliable and produce a positive... READ MORE

What Surgery Can I Have To Match My Healthy Breast to Reconstructed One (photo)?

I have had delayed reconstruction following a mastectomy - LD flap and implant. I now need to match the healthy breast to the recon and there are... READ MORE

What Shape is the Pocket Created with the Expander and Does It Affect the Type of Implants?

I was wondering if you had to decide at the time of the mastectomy with immediate placement of tissue expanders what shape implant you want. Does the... READ MORE

Care of Implants After Swapover from Expander. Can I Go in Water?

I am in the middle of a breast reconstruction, and am having my expander swapped over for the implant on the 13th June. We are booked to go on a... READ MORE

After a Mastectomy and Tissue Expansion, How Long Before the Final Implants Are Put In?

After a Mastectomy and Tissue Expansion, How Long Before the Final Implants Are Put In? READ MORE

I have the BRCA2 gene and implants but need to have a double masectomy. What are my options?

I tested positive for the BRCA2 gene. I currently have implants and I would like to have a double masectomy. Since my muscle is already stretched... READ MORE

Is It Necessary to Start From Square 1 When Changing Implant Type For a Breast Reconstruction Revision?

When doing a revision for implant reconstruction do you have to start over from square one ie if the implant is going to be larger and or a different... READ MORE

Expander Surgery Question?

I have had bilateral mastectomy 6 years ago with implants under the muscle immediately. They had to be replaced 6 months later . They never have been... READ MORE

Can my Existing Implant Behind the Muscle Be Left in with a Mastectomy?

I recently found a lump in my breast and an ultrasound showed a tumor and swollen lymph node. I have not received a biopsy yet, but my doctor is... READ MORE

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