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Implant vs Flap Breast Reconstruction. Having a Hard Time Deciding; Any Advice?

I am having a bi-lateral mastectomy soon and researching reconstruction. I've seen 2 doctors: one who performs direct 1-step implants w/alloderm; the... READ MORE

Do the Skin Flaps from Mastectomy Grow Thicker over Time? (photo)

I had bilateral skin and nipple sparing mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with 800 cc silicone implants in July.I am unhappy with the... READ MORE

Would You Recommend a Lift and Small Implant in the Natural Breast to Provide Symmetry to the Flap Reconstructed Breast? (photo)

I had an immediate left breast reconstruction using the SIEA flap done 4 months ago. I will be planning for the nipple reconstruction and refinements... READ MORE

Can Breast implants 4 years after DIEP flap reconstruction help fill out upper pole? (Had fat injections and it all absorbed)

I had prophylactic, skin/nipple sparing double mastectomy with sailin implants in 2006. Complications and infections followed. right implant removed... READ MORE

Is it normal to still feel tight in the tummy at about 5 months into diep-flap reconstruction recovery? (photo)

I am a little more than 5 months into recovering from my bilateral diep-flap reconstruction. Will my tummy ALWAYS feel this tight and do I just need... READ MORE

How Long is Swelling Normal After Double Free Flap Reconstruction?

I have had a bilateral mastectomy with immediate free flap reconstruction. I am almost 4 weeks out from surgery and am still experiencing a lot of... READ MORE

I am 41, need bilateral mastectomy then 5 weeks of radiation. PS recom. dorsi flap rather than expanders. Does this sound good?

I went to one plastic surgeon who recommended dorsi flap reconstruction due to the fact that I need radiation and he felt it would be a better choice.... READ MORE

Remove 450 Cc Implants After Double S&N Sparing Mastectomy and Use Tissue and Blood Supply from Inner Thigh Without Flap?

History: Double S&N sparing mastectomy with submusc stretched 450cc implants. My wish is to remove implants and replace my 450cc cup with own... READ MORE

What Are the Risks/side Effects from Hip Flap Surgery, Post-mastectomy?

I just got a preventative double mastectomy with immediate expanders. It went ok, but my previously radiated side is not expanding well, and I am... READ MORE

FLAP with Implants?

I had lumpectomy 10-11, chemo and 30 rads. Tumor in 6 oclock position. Was only small 36B. I now have bird beak, as there is nothing left below nipple... READ MORE

DIEP Breast Reconstruction failed - flap on 1 breast and disfigured other breast

4 weeks ago I had DIEP breast reconstruction. The flap on 1 breast is black, although the breast pocket is healthy looking. I am also concerned about... READ MORE

Developed an Infection and Have a Hole With Dying Tissue in My Right Breast After Tram Flap?

Currently we are flushing and packing it , smells really bad. this area recieves blood supply last, so can this heal? does blood supply correct itself... READ MORE

Buried DIEP flap breast reconstruction?

Looking for a plastic surgeon to perform a buried diep flap for bilateral mastectomy reconstruction with minimal abdominal scarring. A large abdominal... READ MORE

Some Diep flap questions

I am choosing to have a Preventive mastectomy and diep flap reconstruction based on a strong family history. Has anyone had this done before? I see a... READ MORE

I need to get a second free flap reconstructive surgery because my first flap failed from thrombosis. What will my doc do next?

I'm 33, active, no other history of clots, no alcohol or drugs but I had a reconstructive free flap fail because of a clot. What will my surgeon... READ MORE

Can a flap reconstruction be done after tissue expansion is already underway?

I am having second thoughts about having silicone implants placed after reading about some of the horrible things happening to some of these wonderful... READ MORE

In viewing a lot pictures of diep flap procedures I am really confused. Why do they look so different from each other?

. .some people have circle scars around the areola ,,some have gigantic football looking grafts..some just look like they have had a reduction with... READ MORE

Can you have implants with a diep flap?

In December 2006 I had a right side mastectomy. As my plastic surgeon just told me I was botched and that the doctor removed nearly all of my muscle... READ MORE

What would a patient feel if a JP tube was left in or broken off in the breast?

5 mo ago 2X mast w/ a Lat Dorsi Flap on 1 side (radiation) Xpanders both sides. Successful "fills" in both. Flap suture area painful, red, swollen.... READ MORE

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