Fat Graft + Breast Reconstruction

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Hollowed Breasts After Mastectomy with Implant Reconstruction

There is a hollowed or sunken area above the implant. Can the fat grafting help? Or would it be worth while? READ MORE

Fat Transfer For Tuberous Breasts? Good or Bad Idea? Does Stem Cell Fat Transfer Increase Risk of Cancer? Price Estimate? (photo

My breasts are believed to be tuberous. I am unhappy w/ their shape/size, but I am uncomfortable w/ the idea of implants. I am not a full breast cup,... READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction Rippling. Previous Fat Grafting to Help With Ripples. Minimal Results. Suggestions?(photo)

I am a 29 year olf female 1.5 years post breast reconstruction with submuscular high-profile mentor silicone implants (450cc). I am experiencing... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Correction After Mastectomies. Recovery Time?

I had prophylactic bilateral mastectomies with tissue expanders in August. Exchange to silicon implants in December. My plastic surgeon suggested fat... READ MORE

Is Fat Grafting The Right Choice For My Breast Reconstruction?

On Sept 28 2011 I had a DIEP Flap procedure performed. I had a bi-lateral Mastectomy due to breast cancer. Underwent Chemo and Radiation. After the... READ MORE

Can Fat Grafting Be Safely Performed in DCIS After Lumpectomy and Radiation?

I had DCIS, lumpectomy and rads in 2008. In 2011 I had tissue expanders and exchange after six months of painful expansion. Six weeks later the wound... READ MORE

Fat Grafting for Full Breast Reconstruction?

Hi In 2012 I had fat grafting done with stem cells and a second one done with fat grafting alone and removal of an implant. One side of my breast is... READ MORE

Can fat grafting to breasts after double mastectomy promote the regrowth of residual breast tissue and breast cancer?

I have heard that (the stem cells from?) fat grafting to breasts (that have had double mastectomies) can actually promote the re-growth of any residue... READ MORE

Can the BRAVA Add Permanent, Increased Breast Size?

I need to gain about half a cup size permanently in my breasts, but I really don't want to have surgery to do so. If I use the BRAVA correctly, will I... READ MORE

Nipple Relocation Surgery & tattoo after successful Nipple Sparing Unilateral Mastectomy Reconstruction?

I had a Nipple Sparing Uni Mastectomy with expander placement in May 2013. In Oct 2013 I had recon with implants on my mastectomy side and an... READ MORE

Double Mastectomy 4 Years Ago Followed By Implants, Two Fat Transfers, Capsular Contraction?

I had a double mastectomy four years ago followed by implants. I have had two fat transfer and all of the sudden three moths later have tenderness and... READ MORE

Who Should Pay for Further Surgery? Flat Breast After Partial Mastectomy Filled by Fat Transer.

I had a partial mastectomy as a result of breast cancer. I was left with a small area of the breast that was flat. I opted for a fat transfer to fill... READ MORE

Need Help for Fat Grafting for Breast Reconstruction Resulted in Necrosis?

Im told I have excessive fat necrosis after a masectomy and tissue expander placements this year. I had implant exchange 2 weeks ago and the surgeon... READ MORE

Fat Grafting for Full Breast Reconstruction. How long will it take for all the fat graft to soften?

It is 7 months since I completed my reconstruction. I had an implant removed and stem cell fat graft and then a normal fat graft. The breast looks... READ MORE

Nipple reconstruction/fat grafting after double mastectomy, and implant reconstruction. Is it painful?

How long is this surgery? What kind of anesthesia is used when both procedures are done at the same time? Is the recovery painful? Lengthy? Thank you. READ MORE

I Had Fat Injection and Still Have the Hard Dent. Will the Dent Go Away on Its Own After After a Few Months?

I Had Fat Injection and Still Have the Hard Dent. Will the Dent Go Away on Its Own After After a Few Months? READ MORE

Going from expanders to implants and fat grafting. Is it possible to use a smaller implant and more fat?

When going from expanders to implants is it possible to use a smaller implant and more fat? to do this should I get a little over expanded as to not... READ MORE

After breast reconstruction with silicone implants and fat grafting, when and how should massage be done?

I am 61, 5'1" 105 lbs. and had 260 ml implants and some fat grafting. I'm unclear about how much massage, how to do it, how often and for how long. READ MORE

Success rate of fat grafting to correct capsular contracture after Breast Reconstruction? Is this a bad boob job? (photo)

I had breast cancer, a double mastectomy, chemo, and radiation on my right breast. This July I had 800 cc silicone implants. Now, only a month later,... READ MORE

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