Chemotherapy + Breast Reconstruction

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Can I Have Plastic Surgery to Fix a Lumpectomy Depression Before Having Radiation?

I had a lumpectomy and re-excision on one breast about 8 weeks ago. I am currently having chemotherapy and am scheduled to begin radiation in April.... READ MORE

DIEP After Radiation?

I had a right breast mastectomy, chemo, and radiation for breast cancer that included lymph node involvement. I am considering a DEIP for... READ MORE

Diep Flap Surgery 4 Weeks Post Op - 6 Months of Chemo. Incision Opened Up?

I am packing my incision twice a day (3 inches long and 1/2 inch deep. How long do these take to heal? Can I shower with this open incision? I keep it... READ MORE

I Am Considering Breast Reconstruction Using a Spectrum Implant/expander- What Result Can I Expect?

I had a tissue-sparing mastectomy in April. I had chemo but no radiation. I am a 38B. Is a Spectrum implant/expander reliable and produce a positive... READ MORE

Is a 32A to a 32C/D Unreasonable for a Bilateral Mastectomy Patient?

I am 5'3, 98 pounds, large 32A. Finishing chemo in 1mo and am debating radiation vs. bilateral mast. I have had a consult with a PS who highly... READ MORE

What Are my Options After a Failed LAT Flap?

Inflammatory Breast Cancer- 5/10 Radical Mastectomy on left then chemo & radiation. 4/11 Total Mastectomy on right & tissue expanders on both.... READ MORE

Should or Can I Get Pregnant After Chemo and Bilateral Tram Flap Surgery?

Should or Can I Get Pregnant After Chemo and Bilateral Tram Flap Surgery? READ MORE

What would be the recommended method of Breast Reconstruction for a patient who received radiation?

I had of chemotherapy followed by a mastectomy, axcillary lymph node dissection, and insertion of a tissue expander under the muscle. The pathology... READ MORE

Bi-lateral Mastectomy After BC, Chemo but No Raditiation & I Am Having Reconstruction with Implants?

I was told by someone who had this surgery that the process of the reconstruction w/implants would pull up or tighten skin of my upper abs a little is... READ MORE

Size of Implants. Had Chemo and Bilateral Mastectomy and Radiation?

I had Chemo, a bilateral mastectomy in Feb 2012 (and radiation). After my surgery, Dr said that I could only be a B cup from a 38 C. When i was hoping... READ MORE

Bilateral W TE,chem, Radiaition. Was 40C Now Want B's but PS Want to Use 500cc for Implant. Why?

Why would she want to use 500cc when they look and feel so big to me. I am 60 years old and don't need to look perky. I am not sure I even want to... READ MORE

Reconstructive surgery with Gummy Bears after bilateral mastectomy (Photo)

Breast cancer - Bilateral mastectomy - Tissue expanders - Chemo - Radiation only on the right breast.Reconstructive surgery will be 10 months after... READ MORE

My right breast is higher than the left and no capsular contraction? (photo)

I am having revision surgery and want to know my options? I had BC in 08/12, followed with a BM and expanders. I had chemo and herceptin treatments.... READ MORE

The cost of double breasts reconstruction treatment without medical insurance in US?

My wife had double mastectomy about 8 months ago after diagnosed with breast cancer, then she went through chemo & radiation therapies until the end... READ MORE

What Size of Cc Should I Be Looking at?

I am 5'9", 230 lbs, with a bilateral mastectomy. I had radical chemotherapy and radiation. I am concerned about how much my right breast will stretch... READ MORE

I Am Getting Chemo Before Mastectomy. When Will I Know if I Need Radiation After Surgery?

So far the oncologist has not said I need radiation but I don't think she has completely ruled it out either. I would like to have reconstruction with... READ MORE

How do I find a plastic surgeon that does pro bono work?

Last year i was diagnosed with breast cancer. I did not want to lose my breast so i had a lumpectomy. once inside my surgeon had to take out more than... READ MORE

Hard Dent in Breast After Chemo, Radiation and Reconstruction?

Breast implant removed and replaced after chemo and radiation. Numerous breast revision. Last surgery replaced3rd implant b/c breast swelling. After... READ MORE

Breast flap reconstruction - Can it be done IMMEDIATELY IF RADIATION treatments must follow?

I am now getting neoadjuvent chemo, with plans for mastectomy after. I would like to have a tissue flap for breast reconstruction. I will need to... READ MORE

Ongoing pain after port insertion to assist with chemo? (photo)

I had a port inserted to assist with the chemo, the port was inserted to deep and it was never use due to this. I then had the port removed in... READ MORE

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