Areola + Breast Reconstruction

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Aesthetically Ideal Areola Size, How to Calculate

Hi I have noted that aesthetically ideal areola size is cited as being between 35mm and 48mm,or in terms of ratio(nipple:areola:breast) as 1:3:9.... READ MORE

What Do I Need to Consider when Having the Areola Tattooed?

After skin sparing mastectomy with nipple reconstruction and tram flap procedure, my entire areolar complex was sacrificed. The original tatoo from... READ MORE

How Long After Expander Exchange is Nipple /areola Done?

I am waiting for August to arrive so I can finally be rid of these painful expanders and have my implants. I am a small framed woman and I was and... READ MORE

Areola Reduction and Nipple Repositioning Possible?

I had a lumpectomy and removal of 3 lymph nodes and radiation on the left side that left me with pulled-in, nasty scars, and a nipple that faces to... READ MORE

8 Days S/p Nipple-sparing Mastectomy; Skin Next to Areola is Bright Pink/sloughing?

In 3 directions (sup, lateral, inf to nipple, + lateral nipple) it looks the same as when a blister bursts and new skin is exposed-- raw with... READ MORE

Developed a Large Hematoma Over Whole Breast After Breast Surgery, How Long for This to Heal?

I had breast surgery 3 wks ago for mass removal (2 masses). I developed a large hematoma over whole breast. It has improved but the area to the right... READ MORE

During Breast Reconstruction is it Normal to do the Nipples the Same Time as the Implants?

My ps does the nipples at the same time of the exchange surgery, from the expanders to the silicone implants. Is this ok? I know my surgeon has a... READ MORE

How is an areola grafted onto a reconstructed breast..where does the donor tissue come from?

How is an areola grafted onto a reconstructed breast..where does the donor tissue come from? and how does it get a blood supply to thrive? does the... READ MORE

Is it common to leave aerolas but not nipples during prophylactic BMX? Can it be done?

I'm an American living in Switzerland. Was diagnosed with LCIS this past summer. I have a Very strong history of Bc as well as having had chest... READ MORE

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