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Will I Need a Breast Augmentation Again 10 Years Later?

My doctor is recommending implants on my right breast after my mastectomy. I asked him if in 10-12 yrs (i would be 70-72) I would need another surgery? READ MORE

Sjogren's and Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy

My 57 year old friend has a mild case of Sjogren's. She also had a Mastectomy. She would like to have Breast Reconstruction. One doctor turned her... READ MORE

Reconstruction after mastectomy and radiation

I had a right mastectomy in March of this year and was planning on having immediate reconstruction; however, one of the lymph nodes had a tiny bit of... READ MORE

Best Option for 60 Yr. Old After Bilateral Mascetomy?

I am in good health other than the cancer and will not require post surgicial radiation or chemo. I am over weight at 140 pounds and am 5'3" tall. I... READ MORE

Had Breast Cancer, Had Lumpectomy, Don't Take Cancer Drugs, Can't Take Hormones, Thyroid Level Normal, Hot and Cold Flashes Are

Had breast cancer,had lumpectomy, don't take cancer drugs, can't take hormones, thyroid levels are all normal range. I have severe hot flashes.... READ MORE

6 Months Post Op Breast Reconstruction, Radiated Side Shrank, other Tram Larger, Being Told Reduction?

6 months post op,reconstruction/with trams, radiated side shrank,other side much larger, am being told reducing the left is not an option in going for... READ MORE

Bilateral W TE,chem, Radiaition. Was 40C Now Want B's but PS Want to Use 500cc for Implant. Why?

Why would she want to use 500cc when they look and feel so big to me. I am 60 years old and don't need to look perky. I am not sure I even want to... READ MORE

After breast reconstruction with silicone implants and fat grafting, when and how should massage be done?

I am 61, 5'1" 105 lbs. and had 260 ml implants and some fat grafting. I'm unclear about how much massage, how to do it, how often and for how long. READ MORE

Breast Augmentation after cancer reconstruction. (photo)

I am 56, weighing in at 145, and I'm 5'5". I've always wanted larger breasts, but decided against them when I had my reconstruction following my... READ MORE

56 years and had breast cancer implants, but due to radiation it is hard and has a dimple. Can it be made to look better?(Photo)

What i would like to know can the dimpled scar made look more better because when i bend you see a hole in the breast or should i have a new implant? READ MORE

Would I Need Skin Removed for a Nsm with Reduction?

I am having a nsm double mastectomy going from a d cup to a b cup. My ps says I will not need skin removal, that my skin will shink and not sag. Is... READ MORE

Any concerns or recommendations for me based on info below? My Breasts look crooked because of severe scoliosis. (Photo)

I'm having preventative double Mastectomy in May. Surgeon wants to put in 800cc's to replace my droopy large B, small C Breasts. Silicone. Under the... READ MORE

Needing reconstructive surgery in Missouri.

I'm a 57 year old woman who six months ago weighed 270 and wore a 36B bra. In 7 months my weight went down to 127 and my bra size is now 34AA. I've... READ MORE

Can a DIEP flap surgery lead to leg lymphadema?

57 yr old, radical unilateral mastectomy in 2000 with 15 yr. old saline now have grade 3 capsular contracure. I am a non-diabetic, non-smoker, non... READ MORE

Axillary breast tissue is 2nd to my excess breast tissue. This is an inherited condition. Could I have a mastectomy?

I don t need these anymore . I spend so much on duct tape by first wrapping up and then around my torso. I just want to cut them off. Is a masectomy... READ MORE

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