110-129 Lbs + Breast Reconstruction

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What Do I Need to Consider when Having the Areola Tattooed?

After skin sparing mastectomy with nipple reconstruction and tram flap procedure, my entire areolar complex was sacrificed. The original tatoo from... READ MORE

Implant vs Flap Breast Reconstruction. Having a Hard Time Deciding; Any Advice?

I am having a bi-lateral mastectomy soon and researching reconstruction. I've seen 2 doctors: one who performs direct 1-step implants w/alloderm; the... READ MORE

Can DIEP Reconstuction Be Done with a BMI of 22? (photo)

I am BRCA + and am scheduled for prophylatic mastectomy with implant reconstruction in November. Recently, my sister consulted with a PS who does DIEP... READ MORE

Largest Projection Breast Implants Available (For Breast Reconstruction)? (photo)

- I am 26, had a BMX with TEs - I got Mentor Smooth Round - Ultra High Profile: 590 cc (diameter = 12.5 cm, projection = 6.3 cm) - I'm 5'2", 115 lbs... READ MORE

Possible to Do Single-stage Breast Reconstruction Years After Mastectomy?

I had a bil mastectomy in 2007, I was only a AA cup. I do not want more than that as I was comfortable. I am a small woman, 118 pounds. Would it be... READ MORE

I Was Considering a Breast Reduction/lift. I Heard of a Mesh Lift Where They Create Scar Tissue to Support the Breast?

I remember reading about this mesh lift many years ago but haven't really heard much about it since. I was just wondering if there is any new... READ MORE

What Would Be Best Type of Breast Reconstruction?

Hi, Second time TNBC patient, was recently told that I have BRCA1 mutation and will therefore be having double mastectomy. I am considered thin at... READ MORE

Does implant rippling after reconstruction always require surgical revision or can it improve on its own?

I had a nipple/skin sparing prophylactic bilateral mastectomy with tissue expander placement in June of this year. In October I exchanged for... READ MORE

Afraid of Being too Small? 530cc Filled Expanders.

I had a pbm in Feb and I currently have 530 cc filled expanders . I have decided to go with the 410 anatomic implants . They will be 580ccs . My... READ MORE

Can I Get an Areola Reduction/reconstruction? My Right Nipple is Also Misphaped (photo)

I'm 27, 115 lbs and my breasts have always bothered me and make me self conscience. I feel it's mostly my areolas that I don't like. My breasts used... READ MORE

3 months ago I had reconstructive breast surgery, not satisfied with size, position too low and right breast bothers me. (Photo)

I'm 5'2 and weight 120lbs, my implants are allergen silicone 340 cc. Do I have double bubble on right breast? Is there a way to improve the appearance... READ MORE

How long after radiation is optimal for breast reconstruction? (Photo)

Originally diagnosed with IDC in June 2013. Received 9600 cygs and hyperthermic therapy from aug 2013 til February 2014. It's back. Now I must have... READ MORE

Had a Double Mastectomy and the Implant Continues to Fall. Is This Normal? What is Causing the Implant to Continue to Fall?

Left breast cancer, breast implant falls 1 inch below right breast usually 2-3 months post-op, rippling of implant starts to show..each time. 5/7"... READ MORE

Did my surgeon choose the correct breast implants?

I had prophylactic nipple sparing mastectomy with immediate reconstruction I had breast aug 6 years ago with saline high profile overfilled to 425cc... READ MORE

Right Breast mastectomy, left breast much smaller due to weight lose?

At the time of my mastectomy I weighed 135, since then I have lost down to 115. I wore a 34D size bra. My implanted breast has remained high and not... READ MORE

Are there any Drs in the San Antonio area that are qualified to do the scarless latissimus dorsi flap procedure? (photo)

I have IDC. Thought it was gone, 5 mos of hyperthermic therapy and 9600 cygs(?) of radiation. MRI confirmed, still there.I'm being told for the most... READ MORE

I had a bi-lateral mastectomy on 9/10/14 & I am healing very well. Could you give me an idea if I would possibly achieve a DD?

My nipples were saved and I underwent breast reconstruction directly after my surgery with alloderm tissue expanders. I am 44 yrs old, 5'7" & weigh... READ MORE

Is there any way I can have high profile implants after mastectomy so as not to look flat? (photo)

Related to my previous posts about being unhappy with my mentor implants after mastectomy due to flatness I. Is there any way I can have high... READ MORE

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