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Should I Have a Crescent Breast Lift or a Vertical Lift? (photo)

I would like some advice as to which breast lift would be best for me. I am 34C but have had breast implants to 34DD for 2yrs which I didn't like... READ MORE

Would Vertical Lift Yield Perky Better Shaped Breast? (photo)

Stats: Donut lift, 350cc(R),400(L)silicone unders. Was adamant in stating I wanted perky breasts not larger & saggier breasts. Expressed concerns... READ MORE

Vertical Scar That Extends Below Breast Fold After Lift

Help! I am panicking my that I went in for a Lejour lift and came out with a scar extending below my crease! I have never heard of this before and the... READ MORE

Vertical Technique Has More Lasting Breast Shape Than Traditional Anchor Technique - True?

Is It True That Any Vertical Technique Has More Lasting Breast Shape Than Traditional Anchor Technique, Why? READ MORE

Periareola Lift or Full Lift? (photo)

Would you recommend a periareola lift or full vertical lift? What implant would you recommend? High profile-mid profile / round-anatomical / how many... READ MORE

Had A Vertical Lift, Now One Areola Is Smaller Than the Other. What Can I Do To Make Them Even?

Had vertical lift several weeks ago areola size uneven one is much smaller what to do to stretch small areola. Also some rippling around areola... READ MORE

Pleating After Vertical Lift, What Laser Treatment Can Address This?

Had vertical lift a month ago very disappointed of the scar going all the way to my rib and still have lots of pleating. I had a horrible benelli and... READ MORE

Lassus Vertical Breast Lift

Have you ever performed the technique called "Lassus Vertical" for breast lifting? Were the results superior to other lifting techniques?... READ MORE

Can I Get Bigger Higher Breasts with No Lift? Has Anyone Heard of a Vertical Lift Without Moving The Nipple?

One dr. says no lift saline or silicone. 339 cc. He says saline will lift the breast higher than silicone. He said that a lift won't give me the... READ MORE

Mammaplasty w/o Keflex - Will I Be Okay?

I already have small breat implants (225cc), but they are sagging again so i am getting the vertical line lift. I do not have enough money to by the... READ MORE

What is the difference between a bilateral vertical breast lift and a standard mastopexy bilateral?

I have been to a few consultations two of the doctors suggested standard and other doctor suggested that other I'm really confused. One suggested... READ MORE

Is there hope of "good" to "great" results after breast lift revisions or are you doomed?

Can someone have a "great" result after breast lift revision (benelli to vertical)- I don't have sag issues just scar issues. My aerolas are slightly... READ MORE

What kind of revision for my breast lift should I undergo, and when is the earliest I can do it? (Photo)

I had a vertical mastopexy 6 mo. ago. I now realize it was unnecessary, but was told I needed it to make my areolas smaller. My areolas are back to... READ MORE

Why are my breast sagging after 2 months of mastopexy? (Photo)

I had breast lift breast implants 2 months ago. My surgeon and I had agreed on the anchor lift but 2 weeks after surgery he told me he did verticals... READ MORE

I've had a lot of weight fluctuation, I want to avoid a vertical Breast Lift scar? Do I also need a Mastopexy? (photos)

Hi, I've always been concerned about my breast, i had a lot of weight gain/loss, so i think now my breast don't match my body. I'm 69'' tall. I want... READ MORE

The difference between vertical and full mastopexy? (photo)

What is the difference between vertical and full mastopexy? I will definitely need a breast lift since my breasts are sagging, but which mastopexy... READ MORE

Can aerola widen and scar spread after conversion from benelli lift to vertical lift

I am very upset and scared. My aerolas are stretched and I have ugly spread scars from benelli. I would like to excise scars & convert to vertical. I... READ MORE

Want to convert my benelli lift to a vertical. I do not want a revision benelli- to do vertical do I have to raise nipple?

I have bad benelli scars. I need them excised and nipple resized. I am willing to downsize implants. I want to covert to more formal lift (vertical?)-... READ MORE

Are blood vessels permanent after periaerolar lift when converted to vertical lift?

How quickly does nac spread after periaerolar lift if permanent suture fails? Also is blood vessel growth permanent (sunburst ing) if I convert to... READ MORE

Does a vertical lift or anchor type breast lift have a higher risk of loss of nipple sensation ?

Am doing a lift to match my reconstructed breast. Want some degree of symmetry, but very worried about loss of nipple sensation. My PS originally said... READ MORE

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