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Should I Have Mini Breast Lift Along with Implants for Droopy Breasts?

After two completely different consultations, I am unsure about what to do. My breasts (B cup) are small and drooping. The nipples are not pointing... READ MORE

Which Breast Lift Do I Need to Attain Desired Results? (photo)

I have always had large breasts. After yrs of yoyo dieting i felt i had deflated my natural breasts and opted for a BA when I was 21 to regain my old... READ MORE

Should I Have my Implants Placed Under the Muscle and Get a Lift?

I'm 21 5'6" 115 pounds mother of 2. I had 450 cc high profile saline implants placed above the muscle. The size is exactly what I wanted.... READ MORE

Are These results Normal? (photo)

Had breast lift with saline implants under the muscle along with lipo to the underarm areas. My breasts are looking sort of "square" at the sides . Is... READ MORE

I Would Like a Vertical Scar Uplift, I Am a 32DD, Would I Benefit from 270cc Under Round Implants With the Lift? (photo)

I Would Like a Vertical Scar Uplift, I Am a 32DD, Would I Benefit from 270cc Under Round Implants in Addition to the Lift? READ MORE

Breast Lift Anchor Scar on Breast Not in Crease? (photo)

I am 1 week post op, I had breast lift and 325 cc under the muscle. I understand that I am swollen but it seems that the horizontal scar is quite high... READ MORE

4 Weeks After my Breast Lift my Left Breast Still Higher Than my Right?

I hade a breat lift with implants under my muscle but my left breast is higher that u could feel the implant the right breast is bigger and look nice... READ MORE

Are There 2 Separate Fees for Removing Saline Implants and Doing a Breast Lift All at the Same Time?

I have saline implants over the muscle (9yrs old) and one has failed. The decrease in volume on that implant was noticed just prior to moving out of... READ MORE

What is the possible cause of breast implant shifting from its original positon? (Photo)

Hello I had bl with augmention done 6 months ago the implant used was gummy bear under the muscle was super happy with realist however I started... READ MORE

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