Sensation Loss + Breast Lift

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How Does a Breast Lift Impact Nipple Sensation?

Does it make a difference between Bennelli and crescent incisions on the possible loss of feeling? READ MORE

How Does Breast Lift Wth Areola Reduction Effect Breast Feeding?

Will getting a Breast Lift and areola reduction hinder my ability to breast feed or will it cause loss of nipple sensation? READ MORE

What Do You Know About The Semielastic Scarless Serdev Suture Breast Lift?

I have been considering a breast lift, but am concerned about scarring and loss of sensation in the nipple. Today I found a procedure called the... READ MORE

Will I Lose Sensation in my Breast with a Breast Lift?

I am considering a breast lift without implants. Will I lose sensation in the breast? Is there a procedure that does not cause loss of sensation? READ MORE

What are my best options to fix a breast lift I am unhappy with? (photo)

I had a breast lift 3 months ago, to me all it looks like is that they are now a full cup size smaller, they are still saggy. The right breast has a... READ MORE

I Want to Get a Breast Lift...I'm 20 and Want Children...I Am Worried However That I Will Lose Sensitivity? (photo)

Is there lifts which can avoid sensitivity, and given how my breast look, what is the best option to reduce scarring/ how long does it take to fade? READ MORE

Losing sensation when getting breast lift?

Hi I'm considering getting an breast lift i was wondering will i loose sensation/ feeling in my breast? Thanks READ MORE

Is it normal for my breast to be cold and have little sensation after a breast lift? (photo)

I had a breast lift 3 months ago, and the results were awful. However, my concern is that my right breast still has almost no feeling at all, while my... READ MORE

What are the dangers with a breast lift?

I really want a breast lift when I get my augmentation but I hear that I could lose feeling or even my breast if it goes wrong.I am scared. How often... READ MORE

I had a breast lift (no implants) 7 weeks ago. My nipples don't get erect like they use to. Will this change with time?

I am very pleased to say that I did not lose sensitivity in my nipples but despite stimulation, they don't get erect like they use to. READ MORE

Nipples still numb 7 months after breast lift. Will I ever get the sensation back?

It's been 7 months since my breast lift surgery, and I still don't have sensation in either of my nipples. This is very troubling, as my surgeon had... READ MORE

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