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2 Weeks Post-op Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift / Aug and Lipo. When Will I See Results?

I Am 2 Weeks Post Op from TT,breast Lift,implants and Lipo. How Long Will It Take Before I Notice any results? He took off 9 pounds from tummy tuck... READ MORE

Vampire Breast Lift. What Can I Expect For Results?

What outcome information exists about the Vampire Breast Lift? I have done research on other forms of breast augmentation but do not want all the... READ MORE

Breast Lift Option for Longest-lasting Results with Maximum Support?

Thanks for you time. In your opinion, which is the best surgical breast lift option for longest lasting results, with maximum support? I essentially... READ MORE

Hematoma After a Breast Lift: Will It Effect My Result?

Hi I had a breast uplift 11 days ago. My right breast has been more swollen and bruised than the left, I visited my Dr today and he wants me to come... READ MORE

Another Hematoma- After Revision of Peri-areolar Lift

2 wks ago, I had a revision Peri-areolar bl after having a peri-areolar with aug 6 months ago. On day 11 I developed a Hematoma, my Doc aspirated the... READ MORE

Will I Get a Good Result from a Breast Lift Without Implants? (photo)

I am completely opposed to implants, so please dont even try to convince me to get them. I have already made up my mind - NO IMPLANTS... thanks...... READ MORE

Could I Have Gotten More of a Lift?

First and foremost, Thank you all for taking the time to answer my questions. I am 4 months post op from a full TT with MR as well as BL/BR. I was... READ MORE

How is my Breast Supposed to Look Like 3 Days After Having the Sugery?

I had surgery about 3 days ago. I'm a little worried about the shape an apperance of my breast. I have not had any infection or anything that will... READ MORE

Will a 7lbs Weight Loss Affect Breast Uplift Results? (photo)

I had a breast uplift with an anchor incision just over a month ago & I'm ecstatic with the results. However, I have a few pounds that I would... READ MORE

Disappointed in my lift results (without implants). Will my breasts grow? Will I still be able to get implants?

I recently got a lift and I asked for implants and the doctor insisted I didn't need them. He insisted my breast were going to be big enough. Well now... READ MORE

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