Post-pregnancy + Breast Lift

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Best Surgery for Deflated Breast Under Armpit, Caved in

I am 25 years old with two kids and I plan on having more after whatever it is that needs to be done. My issue is when I lean over my breast look... READ MORE

Breast Lift for Kidney Transplant Patient

Thank you very much for your time! I'm 46 w/ living/related, perfect antigen match renal txplt. 23 yrs post op. Perfect function/ health. One... READ MORE

Are my breast too droopy for a concentric breast lift? (photo)

I have had two pregnancies and weight loss. I have gone from a D cup to not even filling a A cup. I have very little breast tissue. I had teardrop... READ MORE

I have sagging breasts. Does areola size limit breast lift options? Can I keep relative size without implant? (Photo)

Hello, I've never ever had perky breast. Gaining and losing weight w/ children plus constant milk pumping for 1 1\2 after each child did not help. Do... READ MORE

Breast lift going back to sagging, why? (Photo)

Hi, I am a 29 year old, mom of two. On Jan 4th 2014 got my breast lifted with lollipop incision and had texturized silicone gel implants placed under... READ MORE

Would a breast lift without implants work for me? (Photo)

I am 25 years old and I have two kids. My pregnancies really caused my breasts to sag. I don't really care too much about the size I just want them to... READ MORE

What are my options for sagging breasts? I don't want implants (Photo)

After giving birth of my two children, my breast are so ugly and one is bigger than the other. I feel so bad I can't dress without a bra. I want to... READ MORE

What type of breast lift do I need? (Photo)

Iv come to learn I'll need a breast lift with implants to achieve the look I'm going for. Please tell me if you think this is correct. I'm 26 5'7 and... READ MORE

Can I get a breast lift without implants? (Photo)

Hi! I have two children and I breastfed both. Now I feel as if I have deflated and saggy boobs. Interested in a lift. Can I get One and not get... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a breast lift without implants? (Photo)

My breast is saggy after having 2kids.. I don't want a big breast, just need them to be lifted. Am I a good candidate for the breast lift without... READ MORE

Can I get a breast lift without the scar down the middle?

I have five children and have nursed them all my breast were still quite perky until the ladt one but i have seen the huge scar it leaves from the... READ MORE

Which type of breast lift should I get? (Photo)

I'm 5' 7", 36 yrs old and have had children. Was sizedoing at 36DD and would like to stay around that size... should I just get a lift and a... READ MORE

Lift without replacing implants? (Photo)

In 2010 I didn't do much research and decided I wanted large implants . I knew the second they were done they looked bad . Since then I've had a baby... READ MORE

Is skin tightening laser the best treatment for breast sagging?

I had my son almost six years ago, literally within the first month I lost so much weight that my breasts sagged immediately. Eventually I do wish to... READ MORE

My question is which is better: a breast lift or reduction?

Im almost 35 I am a size 36dd they tend to sag due to 2 children and breast feeding. I would love to be a full c cup or small d READ MORE

Would a breast lift be a good idea if I'm planning on having more children?

I had a baby 3 years ago and as a result my breasts are now drooping due to excess skin from where they was big during pregnancy and then lost it... READ MORE

How much would a breast lift cost?

Had a baby that resulted in saggy un even breast. How can i benefit from this procedure and wat is the price range. Im looking for a doctor in ohio? READ MORE

Mastopexy and Ehlers Danlos syndrome. Is it ok?

I'm wanting to get a mastopexy after breastfeeding both of my children and back pain due to my breast size increasing . I just recently found out I... READ MORE

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