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How can I make my saggy breasts perkier and fuller without any form of surgery?

I'm 17 and overweight. I'm not sure if I want any lifts or implants when I get older. I don't have any form of cleavage and they basically sit far... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Lift my Saggy Breasts?

For as long as I can remember my breasts have looked this way (even at a healthy weight prior to gain). I'm 19yrs old & they look as if they... READ MORE

Is a Circumareolar Breast Lift Needed for Perky, Natural Looking Breasts?

Hello, I'm 25 years old, 5'4", 120 pounds, never had kids. I'm wearing 36A cup bra and want small C cup breast silicone implants... READ MORE

Should I Get a Breast Lift if I Plan on Having More Children?

This is what has happened to my once perky C cup breasts after one pregnancy and breast feeding for 7 weeks. I do know it is best to wait until after... READ MORE

Will Breasts Stay Perky with a Lift Without Implants?

I'm a 21 yr old mom. Pregnancy isn't so great on breasts. I went from 34DD-34C(current size). I'm ok with the size. I just want my breasts to be more... READ MORE

Will a Breast Lift Help Me Achieve a Better Shape?

I'm 18, i feel that my nipples are too low. i wish my breast were perkier. i think there is plenty of volume in my breast, i just don't like the fact... READ MORE

What Type of Breast Lift Do I Need? (photo)

I want to do a lift but was recently taken aback on consult because the doctor suggested a lift with implants. At my heaviest I can go up to a 38G cup... READ MORE

Breform Or Doughnut Lift? (photo)

Hello there, I'm 24 years old and work as a glamour model. I have recently lost a big of weight and my breasts have dropped from a natural 32ff to a... READ MORE

Young Perky Breasts. How To Maintain Without Excising Skin? (photo)

Is there a way to maintain breast perkiness without excising skin? My breasts are natural and originally sat too high on my chest accordingly I... READ MORE

I Have 36DD's That Sag but Look Great in a Bra. How Do I Keep the Perkiness and No Sag Without a Bra? (photo)

I'd prefer to remain a DD. Do I need a lift alone or a lift and augmentation? My areolas are a bit larger than preferred as well. 23 years old No... READ MORE

What do perky C cups really look like? (photo)

I'm a C cup but my breasts are super saggy and my areolas are extremely enlarged. I had a consult with a plastic surgeon about getting a reduction +... READ MORE

Will Breasts Appear Smaller After Lift without Implants or Look Bigger because They'll Look Perkier?

I'm a big C cup and I'm happy with my cup size, I don't want implants but I don't want them to change size. Is it true that they look... READ MORE

Would Vertical Lift Yield Perky Better Shaped Breast? (photo)

Stats: Donut lift, 350cc(R),400(L)silicone unders. Was adamant in stating I wanted perky breasts not larger & saggier breasts. Expressed concerns... READ MORE

Can I Get Anchor Breast Lift Without Breast Implants?

I'm 5'4,124 pounds and 34A bra size. With the lift I just want to see my breasts higher on the chest with reposition and reduction of the areola so my... READ MORE

Are There Any Other Options Than a Lollipop Lift for my Sagging Breasts? (photo)

I would like to have my perky breasts back but i don't want the scars or the other side effects of the lollypop lift, are there any other options or... READ MORE

I'm Only 19, Does a Breast Lift Seem "Out of the Question"? (photo)

Somehow my breast have become droopy, saggy, and completely different. I was thinking of getting the surgery to lift them...any advice? I want them to... READ MORE

Will a Breast Lift Improve the Appearance of my Breast? (photo)

I'm 32 YO, 34D, have not had children/breastfed (and won't). I have always hated the appearance of my breasts and would like to do something... READ MORE

25 Yrs Old. Would I Benefit from a Lift or Implant with Lift? (photo)

People think I'm crazy when I used to say I want bigger boobs. Push up bras help, I guess. I'm 25, and I don't know if I would benefit more from a... READ MORE

I Want a Fuller Perkier Look to my Already Large Breast, What Would Best Suit my Needs?

So after my pregnancy and breastfeeding with my first child my breasts stayed at a DD. There is quite a bit of hang and am wondering if there is a... READ MORE

Which Breast Lifting Technique Would Be Most Suitable? (photo)

I have consulted a board certified PS & am in process of scheduling the surgery. Dr. has said for perkiest look go for a full lift w/... READ MORE

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