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Lump Along Incision After Breast Lift and Augmentation

2 weeks ago I had a benelli breast lift (periareolar breast lift) and augmentation. Today the tape came off and I have a lump on the bottom of my left... READ MORE

Lump in Breast Near Breast Lift Scar

I'm kinda worried, I had to be cut open twice for a Lift and my right breast has a icky scar...when I lay down I can feel a very hard ball about... READ MORE

Is a Hard Lump on Top of my Breast (Internal) Normal After a Breast Lift 7 Weeks Ago?

I'm wondering if this lump is just breast tissue that will relax after awhile. It is the size of a golf ball and i just noticed 2day the other... READ MORE

I am one year post lift with 350 CC smooth round implants. Are my Implants Bottoming Out? (photo)

I am one year post lift with 350 CC smooth round implants. I am not happy with my scars as well as I think left has bottomed out and the right is too... READ MORE

Pain on Insicion Site, Extreme Skin Sensitivity, Still Numbness at Bottom of Breast, is This Normal 3 Weeks Post-op BA?

18 days PO recovering from a B. augmentation with periareolar lift, I barely removed all of the bandages off of my areolas yesterday. I'm having sharp... READ MORE

What Needs To Be Done After Lump Is Found In My Breast 3 Weeks Following Breast Lift/Augmentation?

3 wks after a breast lift/augmentation, I felt a hard ping-pong sized lump my left breast. There is no pain. After brief examination, my surgeon told... READ MORE

Inverted Nipple and A Lump Like Thing On My Breast?

I am 16 years old and i can feel a lump like a soft thing in my left breast and my both the breast has inverted nipples but when i touch and massage... READ MORE

What are my best options to fix a breast lift I am unhappy with? (photo)

I had a breast lift 3 months ago, to me all it looks like is that they are now a full cup size smaller, they are still saggy. The right breast has a... READ MORE

Had a Breast Uplift and Have Had Fatty Lump Removed Post Op. The lumps have returned.

The Problem is the Lumps have returned and grow very quickly. they are not cancerous but could be fat or scar tissue.what should i be asking and... READ MORE

Breast Asymmetry 2 Cups Bigger Than Right Breast. What to Do?

My left breast has a lump in it. So it is 2 cup sizes bigger then the right breast. It looks very awkward and the difference noticable at first sight.... READ MORE

What is the Lump I'm Feeling Inside my Left Breast?

I had a Mastoplexy with implants 2 1/2 weeks ago and iv just felt a lump under the skin, around the underneath incision line, I think it's movable but... READ MORE

Hard lump following superficial hematoma being drained in MD office. Is this normal?

I had a mastopexy with lollipop incision three weeks ago and developed a superficial hematoma around day 2 on my right breast which which wasn't... READ MORE

Ever heard of a breast lift done by putting sutures under the breast under the skin to form scar tissue? (photos)

I have implants and no lower pole skin or nothing. Had the breast lift just to try and prevent sagging in the future that's the only reason. My breast... READ MORE

Abscess in the breast after surgery?

I had a breast lift 3 months ago and I've had this huge golf ball sized lump in my right breast, which we were under the assumption was tissue that... READ MORE

What are the treatment options for lumps formed from stuck spitting stitches after breast lift?

All of my sutures have been rejected by my body so I'm 6 months post op and am still spitting them out. This is really upsetting and is making my... READ MORE

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