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Anchor Breast Lift Incision Separation. What To Expect After Debridement? (photo)

I had a small opening at the "T". I am NOT a smoker. Today I saw my PS and he thought that it was a suture not allowing it to heal. He... READ MORE

My Aeriola Doesn't Look Attached After Mastopexy/ with Silicone Implant (12 Days Ago), is Something Wrong? (photo)

I can see separation in the skin and I am 12 days post op (Breast Lift/Saline implant 600cc). I am still having some pain, but I am concerned. I would... READ MORE

Why Aren't Open Wounds Re-stitched? (Breast Surgery)

I have an open wound post-op from my breast lift. My doc says let it be; reading stories here, it seems many other ladies are told the same thing. Why... READ MORE

Is This my Permanent Result (Benelli Lift)? (photo)

I am 3 weeks post op today. i received a benelli lift and i am afraid that this fire cracker explosion around my areola will be permanent. i am... READ MORE

Do my Breast Look Normal After Breast Lift? I Haven't Seen Any This Bad out There. (photo)

I was hoping for an honest opinion from the surgeons out there. I have looked and looked and I am yet to find any breast that look as different as... READ MORE

What Can I Expect For Heal Time After Breast Lift? When Can I Begin Exercising Post-Op?

I'm considering just getting a breast lift. I'm currently a B cup and believe I have tubular breasts. I love to run, so I'm concerned... READ MORE

Breast Lift + Augmentation 2.5 Weeks Ago, Healing Problems?

The left breast has a brown scab looking spot right below the areola. Dr. said that it was from stretching of the skin. She has had me keep it moist... READ MORE

Is a Specialist for Ethnic Skin Required for Breast Lift?

Hi Surgeons! I am considering having a Breast Lift and was wondering if I need a surgeon who specializes in mixed race skin? I have always been told... READ MORE

Are Electronic Cigarettes Better For Healing Since They Don't Contain Carbon Monoxide?

I'm trying to quit smoking to help myself heal. Does it do any good to just have 3 a day to wean myself off, or am I wasting my time. Since electronic... READ MORE

Irregular Shaped Areola After Lift, Will It Heal Normal? (photo)

Help! After having my implants removed, along with a full lift, my right breast has a very irregular shaped aerola, it is more diamond shaped than... READ MORE

Do my Periareolar Incisions Look Like They're Healing Normally at 19 Days Post-op? (photo)

Had an internal lift + Benelli and am extremely pleased with the shape and contour of my breasts. Just wondering... do the incision sites look normal... READ MORE

What is the Recovery Time with Breast Lift Only?

The MD did not give me a lift with aug orginially because of the size of implants i chose. i got 700 cc silicone unders. after 2 months recovery, he... READ MORE

I Had Breast Lift 6 Weeks Ago (No Implants) and the Right Breast is Bigger. Will They Change? (photo)

Well I had the lift and at first they look very alike but now my right breast is bigger and the areola smaller and the left is smaller with bigger... READ MORE

Right Side Breast Lift Developing Sharp Pains in Many Areas of the Breast - What Is This?

Oct 18/10 I had a L limplant put in due to a previous mastectomy. The R side was a breast lift. I have been having sharp pains in the R side the last... READ MORE

Do Breasts Change Their Shape Months After a Lift? Can They Look Different?

I've had 5 breast revisions surgery's in the last 5years due to Capsular contracture. My left breast is hardening again (a year and 1/2 later)... READ MORE

Can You Steri Stip or Bond an Opening at the T-junction 4 Weeks Post Breast Lift?

I had a full lift on 07/17/12 and I have a dime sized opening under my left breast. I have headed the advice of my PS and am doing the moist wound... READ MORE

Has Anyone Used ACell Along with a Breast Lift?

I asked about it but my surgeon doesn't believe in it or that it works? READ MORE

Small Suture Opening Under Breast. Shoud I Be Worried? (photos)

I had my breast lift 3 weeks ago, my doctor used stitches and I had them removed on week 2 and replaced with Demabond glue.. But after a few days I... READ MORE

How Can I Get Pus-leaking Post-op Incisions to Heal? (photo)

Had a lollipop breast lift two weeks ago. At day 5 post-op the vertical incisions 'split', resulting in pus escaping: the incisions cannot heal... READ MORE

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