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Breast Augmentation a Year Post-Breast Lift?

I had a Breast Lift over a year ago while my husband was in Iraq, and was told I won't need a Breast Augmentation. I was a 36DD and am now a 36D, and... READ MORE

What Kind of Lift Would I Have to Get? (photo)

Would an anchor lift work? I'm 49, and I've lost 130 lbs. The skin is very loose, however, I plan on getting a BA later to get the fullness I want... READ MORE

I Am a Full C with Level 3 Sagging. Can an Anchor Breast Lift Restore Breast Fullness? (photo)

I have consulted with 3 Plastic Surgeons and have been told by 2 of the MDs that they can restore fullness with internal sutures. Is this true? I... READ MORE

My Breasts Were a 36c and Perky. Now, They Are Flat and Lifeless. How Do I Regain Firmness and Fullness Without Surgery?

I gave birth 6 months ago. I did not breast feed; in fact I gave up the baby for adoption. my breasts were a 36c and perky. now, they are flat and... READ MORE

Can Implant Alone Lift my Breasts? I Would Like to Avoid Any Further Scars. (photo)

I used to have a nicely shaped full B cup and now after several years of Jo-Jo dieting they are saggy. I don't mind a bit sagging but I'd like to get... READ MORE

Do I need a lift? Looking to achieve an upper pole fullness. (photos)

Hi I am 24 and I have two children whom I breast fed for a year each. I am now a deflated 34A/32B. I am looking to get an augmentation in January. I... READ MORE

Implants or Not with Breast Lift? (photo)

I am a 34 DD-DDD. Love my size but hate the lack of fullness. Looking at pictures I am not sure I will be happy with just a lift. I have a friend that... READ MORE

I Had a Breast Lift, but Can I Get a Fuller Firmer Look W/o an Implant? (photo)

I had a breast lift 9 months ago and would like a fuller, firmer look on the upper part of my breasts to be able to wear the kind of tops that you can... READ MORE

Can I have a lift without implants with great results? (Photo)

I know I need a lift but I'm totally happy with my breast size. I would like to have improved upper pole fullness. Can this be obtained with a breast... READ MORE

Do I Need a Breast Lift? I Want Just Implants. (photo)

I measure 23cm left and 24cm right. Do I need an uplift? I had a consultation was told to have an uplift with 300cc. But I would prefer them filled... READ MORE

What procedure would you suggest in order to get my breast in shape? (photos)

I'm 24,no children.Have larger breast since 14.Used to be full and "perfect",but repetitive dramatical weight changes resulted my breast to go south... READ MORE

I would like recommendations on what work needs to be done to give my breast the look. (Photo)

Currently, I wear a 34D and like this size. I don't like the big, bulky, hard, tight look. I really would like my breast to be lifted, with fullness,... READ MORE

What do I need to achieve fullness and symmetry? Do I need a lift? (Photo)

I am 26, 5'7 and about 150 pounds and wear a size 34B bra. No kids. I've flucuated in weight about 30 pounds over the years and my breasts have always... READ MORE

Will a breast lift make me go down in cup size? (photos)

I am currently a C cup and I am considering a breast lift. Will the fullness of my breast go down? If so, if I want to stay a full C cup, would you... READ MORE

I need a Breast Lift. But, to get upper fullness, would a Fat Transfer be suitable to achieve what I want? (photos)

I am a 32D in VS. I really need a breast lift. But when I get it I won't have the upper pole fullness that I want, like in my wish picture. I have... READ MORE

Could I get just a uplift without the full ancor scar, and would uplift alone give me back upper fullness?

I have recently lost weigh which has made me go from a 34 gg to a 34 e I dont want to go no small so could I get just a uplift without the full ancor... READ MORE

Breast lift plus upper fullness options for me? Fat transfer or implants or ultimate breast lift? I am a 32D. (photos)

When I get a BL I won't have the upper pole fullness that I want. I want my breasts to look natural. Implants need to be replaced later in life and... READ MORE

Will I be able to achieve the look I want if I'm having a breast lift only, instead of a lift with an implant? (Photo)

I have a surgery scheduled for Monday March the 31st for a breast lift only I went in for my consultation and the doctor said that he would not... READ MORE

I'm going in for BL. Would implants be beneficial? (Photo)

I would like BA with my BL, my surgeon believes that implants would create heaviness. I'm at a 34dd and would like the lift to create fullness. I... READ MORE

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