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Breast Lifting Exercises

My breasts are starting to droop more as I get older. Are there any exercises I can do to lift my breasts? Will working on my pectoral muscles help? READ MORE

Incision Popping Open 6 and 8 Weeks Post-op Breast Lift

At 6 weeks and 8 weeks post-op breast lift surgery I have had a one inch section in the vertical incision under my nipple pop open releasing blood and... READ MORE

What Can I Expect For Heal Time After Breast Lift? When Can I Begin Exercising Post-Op?

I'm considering just getting a breast lift. I'm currently a B cup and believe I have tubular breasts. I love to run, so I'm concerned... READ MORE

I Had a Mastectomy Recently with Drain Tubes That Were Removed After Several Weeks. I Still Have Fluid Retention?

My question is - would normal light exercise help my body absorb this excess fluid or should I avoid any form of exercise while my body is still healing? READ MORE

What can I do about pre and post breast lift care?

I am planning on getting a breast lift at Yanhee Hospital in may by Dr Somsak. My questions are what can I do to best help myself before and after.... READ MORE

Breast Lift without surgery: Is it possible?

Are there any exercises or garment you can wear to give a breast lift without surgery? How long will results last? Are any of them permanent? READ MORE

Out of curiosity, how would one go about exercising after getting a lift and lipo of the abdomen?

 If it is best to workout soon after lipo but not so good to work out until six weeks after a lift, how do you mix the two? Six weeks of only... READ MORE

Need advice on exercises I can do after a breast lift without implants. Is there is a risk of sagging due to fat loss?

My usual exercise routine includes a lot of lower body work which isn't a concern. However I do push ups, bench press with 10kg dumbbells, Tricep... READ MORE

Breast Lift exercises - Do they work?

Can doing exercises at home give you the results of a breast lift surgery? Can it help at all? READ MORE

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