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How Does a Breast Lift Impact Nipple Sensation?

Does it make a difference between Bennelli and crescent incisions on the possible loss of feeling? READ MORE

Sub-Areolar Vs Circumareolar Vs SemiAreolar Mastopexy

I am considering a Breast Lift and I am researching my options and I'm not sure if understand the difference or the benefits/downsides of these... READ MORE

Lollipop Reduction vs. Anchor Lift - What Would You Suggest?

I recently had consultations with a few different DR's in my area. One, wants to give me a lollipop reduction (saying the lift would be greater,... READ MORE

Benelli vs. Donut Lift and Areola Reduction?

I would like a Breast lift and Areola reduction. I am scared of getting Breast implants and have no intention of getting Breast Augmentation... READ MORE

Crescent Vs. Full Lift with Breast Implants

I am 28 have had 2 children, currently a 32 B looking to go to a C. I have received 3 different opinions: 1.Might be ok without lift just... READ MORE

What Do You Know About The Semielastic Scarless Serdev Suture Breast Lift?

I have been considering a breast lift, but am concerned about scarring and loss of sensation in the nipple. Today I found a procedure called the... READ MORE

More skin with Benelli or Crescent lift?

I am wanting to get a breast lift but do not want the vertical scarring from it. I was looking into benelli or crescent lift but I'm not sure it... READ MORE

Breast Lift + Implant Later Vs Lift and Implant Together?

After weight gain/loss I now have 1 breast about a C? and one D/DD? both sagging. No children yet. Had 2 consultations, both reputable drs, first said... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Lollipop Lift and 'Short Scar' Lift?

I have been looking at these 2 and really can't see a difference? Can anyone clue me in? Thanks! READ MORE

Please Help. Been Told Some Many Things from Different Doctors (photo)

I am 24 years old and looking to get a breast uplift from a weight loss of 7 stone. I want young perky breast that are full as I have always had a... READ MORE

Will a Lollipop Lift Provide a Better/longer Lasting Lift Than Benelli in the Long Run?

Trying to get more upper pole fullness. 36DD. I hear a benelli just moves nipple but not the breast itself?? READ MORE

How Soon Can I Get Mastopexy Surgery After Massive Weight Loss Caused by Bariatric Surgery

Does it matter if you experienced massive weight lost with bariatric surgery or naturally for determining when a mastopexy could be allowed? READ MORE

Crescent Lift or Benelli Lift for Asymmetrical Sagging?

I've been to three different surgeons and each surgeon has told me something different. When I started looking, I thought my left breast was... READ MORE

Actual Breast Lift or Just Skin Removal?

I have read a lot on here that some breast lifts are actually just skin removal and are bound to fail. How do I know if I had an actual lift or just... READ MORE

Breast lift or fat transfer? (Photo)

I am planning to have my 9 y/o 425cc saline breast implants removed soon. I'm currently in a 36C bra. Prior to implants I wore a full A. I have gained... READ MORE

Vertical or Anchor breast lift? (No implants) (Photo)

Would a anchor shaped technique provide me with more precise and lasting results rather a lollypop vertical lift? Currently saggy 34c want lifted 34b. READ MORE

Do You Find Among Your BL Patients a Significant Percentage That Have Issues with the Vertical Scar?

I have decided to undergo a much needed breast lift after nursing 4 children. Consultations with PS's in my area all recommended the lollipop type BL.... READ MORE

What should kind of results can be achieved with JUST a breast lift?

I am a 36D. My breasts have sagged due to breastfeeding. I love my breast size, but am not happy with where they are or my nipples. I do not want... READ MORE

The difference between vertical and full mastopexy? (photo)

What is the difference between vertical and full mastopexy? I will definitely need a breast lift since my breasts are sagging, but which mastopexy... READ MORE

What's the difference between J lift breast, Spair breast lift, and lollipop lift in terms of variation in technique? (Photo)

Aside from the type of scars produced, how do these techniques differ from each other in a breast lift proced. in terms of internal breast tissue... READ MORE

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