Bleeding + Breast Lift

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Areola After Breast Lift? (photo)

I'm worried about my nipples. I had a breast lift 11days ago. I have been bleeding from 2 sites from my right breast. I have it covered with gauze and... READ MORE

Hematoma After a Breast Lift, Will the Breast Become Normal Again?

I had a breast lift without implant and after 10 days a had a large hematoma but the surgeon decided not to remove the blood until on day 16 of the... READ MORE

Open Wound Under Breast and Sensation in Legs. Can It Be Nerve Pain or DVT in Legs? (photo)

I had surgery at the end of July. 1 wk later I had an open wound under right breast. I went back to PS and he said use non stick dressing and triple... READ MORE

My Breast Lift was 9 days ago, and my left breast incision is yellow and bleeding, what should I do? (photos)

Hello I did Brest lifting 9 days ago, my lift Brest is looking good so far, but my right one is freaking me out,is this normal? I mean should I wait... READ MORE

Unilateral Bleeding Post Breast Lifting?

Its been more than a week post breast lifting and i still see blood not spotting but filling the dressing the doctor has put and i have changed it... READ MORE

Hematoma 10 days after Breast Lift. I was told to change the dressing & bleeding will stop within a week is that true? (photos)

Ive done breast lift and augmentation on 16june every thing was ok until 24 shocked with bleeding iwent to doctor and he pressed on my breast to take... READ MORE

Bleeding 2 weeks post op? (photo)

Hello! I'm 15 days post-op and I've been applying neosporin twice a day and covering with gauze pads, today 12 hrs after I found that I was bleeding... READ MORE

My areola has started bleeding from the side and I am 3 months post op. Is this normal? What may have caused this?

It has been 3 months since my implant/breast lift surgery. i noticed a stabbing pain earlier today and i saw that my areola was bleeding. firstly pus... READ MORE

I developed a blood clot in one of my breast 11 DAYS after a Breast Lift. Any suggestions?

I developed a blood clot in one of my breast 11 DAYS after a BL, the clot popped after I sneezed and caused bleeding inside the breast sack, no blood... READ MORE

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