6 Months Post-op + Breast Lift

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6 months ago I had a breast reduction and I am not happy with how they turned out. Do you think I need a breast lift? (Photo)

I am a 32 year old woman and 6 months ago I had a breast reduction and I am not happy with how they turned out do u think I need a breast lift? READ MORE

I had a mastopexy with breast implants 6 months ago and now the skin has loosened. Do I Need Another Breast Lift?

I had a mastopexy with breast implants 6 months ago. Since they have settled it seems like a little more skin needs to be removed. The upper pole skin... READ MORE

Should I Have to Pay for a Fourth Breast Lift Surgery?(photo)

In 4/2010 I had a circumareolar breast lift w/silicone implants. I then sought the opinion of another Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who performed a... READ MORE

Areola Reduction: Risky when Done a Second Time?

I have had a mini breast lift, with incision around the areolas, about 6 months ago. I find my areolas sitll pretty big for my bra size (areolas of... READ MORE

Breast Lift Revision Advice for More Lift and Fullness After Full Mastopexy?

I had a full mastopexy w/ aug in Nov 2011. My PS chose an allergen style 15 213cc implant. I am unhappy w/ the amt of lift I have and the lack of... READ MORE

Any suggestions on Breast lift scar revision and wearing something low cut? (photos)

I will need a scar/ lift revision for my spread aerolas (6 mos. post op) i am stressing about converting the lift - specifically after excising scars... READ MORE

I Need to Re-do my Lift That I Just Had. Will This Give Me a Smaller Appearance?

I had a peri aeriolar lift and aug 6 months ago and now am measuring the same as before surgery. I am happy with my size, I had 284cc silicone which... READ MORE

Surgeon Would Like to Remove a Little Bit More Skin from my Breasts. How Risky Is This and Is it Worth It?

I just saw my surgeon for my 6 mod follow up. I had a breast lift (lollipop incision) as well as my implants replaced. I am happy with the size and... READ MORE

Benelli Lift with Implants - the Incision Feels Hard Under the Scar?

I had a benelli lift with implants about 6 months ago. I reduced my implants from 350 to 250. I think they look really nice but the areola scar is... READ MORE

What type of scar is this? 6 mos. post benelli breast lift. (photo)

I am trying to gather info for possible revision. I have pinkish scar/ raised skin that extends beyond my incision line. docs said no hytrophic so why... READ MORE

Extremely embarrassing. I'm getting whiteheads on the outer part of my nipple. Is this common? Should I be concerned? (Photo)

Breast lift/augmentation done in Feb and my nipples just haven't been the same. The sensitivity was intense a couple months ago but now is subsiding... READ MORE

What kind of revision for my breast lift should I undergo, and when is the earliest I can do it? (Photo)

I had a vertical mastopexy 6 mo. ago. I now realize it was unnecessary, but was told I needed it to make my areolas smaller. My areolas are back to... READ MORE

Breast lift: Unhappy 6 months post op. Will this change with more time? (photos)

I had a breast lift 6 months ago with vertical incision (the surgeons' choice, made during surgery). It took about 4 months for them to settle as they... READ MORE

Is sunburst/vein growth permanent after benelli lift? Are there hopes for me to look normal?

If I ever converted lift to vertical will the vein growth (sunburst ing) ever go away? I also have keloid scars- help!! Am I doomed? I am 6 mos. post... READ MORE

Follow Up on breast lift question. I'm so upset and unhappy with my results. Am I being unreasonable? (Photo)

I am only 6 months post op (today is 4/3/15) from this full Breast lift and as shown in photos the breasts are very saggy and the scars are very... READ MORE

What are the treatment options for lumps formed from stuck spitting stitches after breast lift?

All of my sutures have been rejected by my body so I'm 6 months post op and am still spitting them out. This is really upsetting and is making my... READ MORE

Pain 6 months after breast uplift

Hello,I had breast uplift year ago and another one 6 months ago, as the first was unsuccessful.Now 6months after the second I have very sharp pain in... READ MORE

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