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Under Muscle + Breast Lift with Implants

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Nipples too High After Breast Lift / Implants

I had a BL with silicone 300 cc's under the muscle done in Jan. '10. My nipples pop out of every shirt, bra and bathing suit top making for an... READ MORE

Nipple Sensation

I had a breast lift and implant surgery on 03.09.11. I had 375cc HP saline implants/under muscle and everything seems to be healing very well. My... READ MORE

Smaller Implants After Breast Lift - Can I Have Another Benelli Lift?

I consulted with three plastic surgeons before I underwent a breast mastoplexy. Two told me that I needed a full lift, which would require the... READ MORE

Pre-Op Worry About Pain And Problems Associated With Surgery

I am scheduled for a breast lift with silicone implants 350 under the muscle. I am 53. I am suddenly very nervous as I have read reports of the pain... READ MORE

Breasts still square and uneven at 4 months PO. Will my breasts continue to round out? (photo)

Lift and 450cc silicone, high profile implants under muscle with Bellini lift. Rt. breast was always tighter and appeared "pulled". At 4 mos. rt.... READ MORE

6 weeks po lift with augmentation. flat spot on the inside of one (photos)

I am 28 yo 5'8 128lb and have pectus excavatum. I am 6 weeks po from mommy makeover that included breast lift and augmentation. I received silicone... READ MORE

BL BA 12 days ago: 335cc sil. unders. 3 days PO I saw my PS for swelling lft breast. Day 11 it's back (Photo)

I have felt great and have prob been too active. I have had some mild bruising from day 1. No redness or pain but some left shoulder pain. My PS said... READ MORE

Surgery on Monday going with 550 silicone unders. Any idea how that relates to cup size? (photo)

I'm doing a bl/ba.Monday. I lost 140 pounds and tons if volume. I'm a saggy d now looking to be a full d. My dr says Ill have about a b cup breast... READ MORE

5'4 135 lbs with 39 inch hip, 27 inch waist,34 inch bust. Are 375 cc cohesive under the muscle too big for me?

I had 36 C breasts before having my kids. I have had a mastopexy but want my volume back. I'm 5"4 35 yo, 34/27/39 135 lbs. is 375 cc under the muscle... READ MORE

I am considering a breast lift but think I want an implant to add volume underneath. Over or under muscle?

Does it matter if the implant is over or under the muscle? What is the benefit of one over the other? READ MORE

I want to take out my areolar lift stitching? (photos)

So a year ago I had a breast augmentation with a areolar lift 390cc under muscle saline...for a while I kept having pain in right areola it comes and... READ MORE

6 weeks post op from Breast Lift & Implant 300cc Silicone under muscle. Do I have a double bubble? (photos)

Hi, I am 6weeks post op of a Breast uplift (lollipop tech) &implant (300cc silicone HP unders), it looks like I could have a double bubble? Also on... READ MORE

Breastfeeding made my breasts uneven and a bit saggy. Do I need a breast lift on both breasts or just the one that is saggier?

I want to look like the girls in my "dream boobs" photo. Do I need a breast lift on both breasts or just the one that is saggier? I don't mind a... READ MORE

Is flattened breast shape permanent after benelli lift?

I had a benelli lift with 350cc breast implants under the muscle 3 years ago. I very recently removed my implants. My breast seem to have an odd shape... READ MORE

I've had a breast lift with implants and my boobs look deformed and it has left random flaps of skin. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have had 600cc under muscle high profile silicone implants with a lift. It's my second lift as the first was incredibly saggy. I've just had my... READ MORE

19 days post op Breast Lift with silicone implants under the muscle, one side is bigger than the other. Will it even out?(photo)

Now 19 days after surgery one is still really bigger I was told by the doctor that it is inflamed and will go down but I'm worried that one is still... READ MORE

Is it normal to have air filled in the areola and nipple puffy and stuck out? (photos)

I had a donut lift 5 weeks ago with 600cc implant under the muscle, but I found my both nipples are stuck out and the areola are very puffy with a lot... READ MORE

I'm a 39 year old, 1 child,150lbs, 36d wanting 36ddd. My dr will not do more than 400cc under muscle saline or silicone. (photo)

I need a full breast lift, wanting very perky 36ddd. Did rice test & have compared pictures of women who are built like me (preop size and body... READ MORE

Will it be difficult to complete a lift revision? (photos)

I'm 2 weeks post breast lift and implant surgery. I went w/480cc sailne implant under the muscle. My fear is that my doctor did not remove enough skin... READ MORE

Recommended high profile 375/350cc behind the muscle for best results. Do I need a anchor lift? (photo)

I visited a clinic a couple of days ago for a breast augmentation. The surgeon recommend I do a anchor lift, and round Mentor implants, high profile... READ MORE

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