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Mastopexy + Breast Lift with Implants

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Help! Need Advice on Post Op Care. I'm Afraid my Breast is Infected and I Will Lose my Nipples? (photo)

Full anchor mastopexy/augmention 350 cc 10 days ago. Tissue of areola was blackish w/ 1 blister underneath at my 7 day post op visit. Doc was... READ MORE

What's the best profile for a natural look when doing a mastopexy/aug combo? I'm 36, breastfed 2 children, 5'7", 117lb (Photo)

I want a natural look, to slope from my chest wall to my nipple. I don't want a puffy, hump in the upper pole. I want my pre-baby fullness back with a... READ MORE

Do I need a mastopexy for my tubular breasts?

Hello. I am a 21 year old active female. I am interested in getting breast augmentation. I am currently a 36 A cup. My goal is to be a full C cup at... READ MORE

Should I have mastopexy with my planned augmentation? (photo)

I have had two consults with board certified surgeons and am confused. One told me that I need a lift with my desired augmentation and the other said... READ MORE

How can I ease swelling after anchor mastopexy and implants?

I am 11 days post-op, saw the nurse yesterday who agreed I have severe swelling in the left breast however, she said it was healing very well. What... READ MORE

Are my breasts sagging already after lift with implants 6 weeks ago? (photos)

I had mastopexy with 345cc silicone implants 6 weeks ago. My areolas are asymmetrical both being big + oval. I saw my PS for a review 2 weeks ago, he... READ MORE

Is it possible to insert an acellular dermis bra (strattice) and implants during a circumareolar mastopexy procedure?

My breasts are a saggy 38D. I would like them to be a DDD. I don't want them to bottom out or stretch out a vertical scar after having a conventional... READ MORE

Is it normal 4 weeks post op Mastopexy with Augmentation to have such burning pain?

I had 470 cc on my left with an anchor lift and 350 on my right with a lift. I was feeling good until a week ago I had extreme pain in my left no... READ MORE

Is it normal to have one breast higher 2.5 months after a Mastopexy and silicone textured implants?

Hello, I had a mastopexy and a silicon textured implants, 450cc feb 13th of this year. I feel my right side has dropped, but my left is still a little... READ MORE

Do I need a mastopexy lift? (photos)

I have went to four consultations 2 Doctors said a lift is needed two said its not. I'm confused rather to get one or not. I would prefer not due to... READ MORE

Is tucking skin inside with mastopexy instead of cutting away achieve better results?

I've been getting several consults about revising my Benelli lift into a full lift. I had one doctor that says he tucks some of the skin that normally... READ MORE

May I go larger first with the Breast Augmentation and then do the Mastopexy 6 months later, will that affect the masoplexy?

My left breast needs the masoplexy lift. If I do the lift and BA at the same time I can only go to 425cc. If I do the BA first will I be able to go to... READ MORE

What are issues that drive a standard vs full mastoplexy?

I received 2 opinions for a breast lift and augmentation. One doctor says I need a standard mastoplexy and the other a full. The before & after... READ MORE

Do you have to have permanent suture with periaerolar mastopexy and no implants?

I have benelli w/ perm sutures & implants. I do not like the perm suture. If I explanted 1 year after implants& lift would I need it? Would aerola... READ MORE

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