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Breast Lift with Implants Vs Lift Now, Implants Later?

I'm in the consultation phase of my mommy makeover. I'm definitely getting a tummy tuck, but also considering breast surgery. I would require both a... READ MORE

Breast Lift: Should I Also Get Implants?

So thanks to everyone's advice and my surgeon's information to my previous question. I've decided to go forward with surgery. My doctor is... READ MORE

What type of breast implats are better for a lift with implant? Between Sientra and Natrelle.

Two doctors to choose from and they work with different implants ... Between Sientra and netrelle which one are safer, better quality and why? I want... READ MORE

Breast Implants: with or without lift? Which would be better to get a bigger and perkier look? (Photo)

I am in my mid 20s, and I have one child. I have lost the majority of my baby weight. I weighed 125 before, and I weigh 135 now. I didn't have large... READ MORE

Completely confused regarding breast lifts vs implants alone

In cases of borderline need for lifts or grade 2 ptosis or less why will some surgeons perform implants alone dual placement & others will only... READ MORE

Breast lift with augmentation - Which type of lift, implant and placement would provide the most natural appearance? (Photo)

I am in my early 30's and have breast fed 3 children. during each pregnancy/breast feeding my breasts grew from 36D to 40G. now I am left with saggy... READ MORE

Should I have a breast lift with implant or could I get away with just an implant? (Photo)

I keep reading that if you have skin showing below your nipple that you don't need a lift, I was curious to see what would be recommended for mine? I... READ MORE

Have I chosen the best option regarding breast lift with adjustable saline implants? (Photo)

My surgeon gave me several options, only two of which appealed to me. A) do the lift and augment, burying the port and coming back to fill it little... READ MORE

Best treatment - Implant with peri areolar or lollipop lift? (photos)

5'5 145lbs small 34c with sag & lacking fullness. Left breast slightly larger & lower than right. READ MORE

I want a lift and larger breasts: Which procedure should I get to minimize scarring and future sagging? (Photo)

I've been told an implant above the muscle is all I need by one Dr. Another said an implant under the muscle with a periareolar incision will provide... READ MORE

Crescent lift or anchor lift? (Photo)

I have been for a consultation and advised i could get implants with a crescent lift or an anchor lift. I was concerned about scarring with the anchor... READ MORE

Do I Need a Breast Lift, Implants or Both? (Photo)

I have been a size DD as a teen and through 4 pregnancies any where from EEE to a G and after breast freed 5 babies my lasted twins that are 10months... READ MORE

I need advice on which type of lift to achieve best results with implants? (Photo)

I want to reduce nipple size and lift so they are more central rather than at the bottom of the breast, nice and perky. Also after weight loss I want... READ MORE

Breast Lift With or Without Implants and is a Tummy Tuck Needed? (Photo)

After childbirth and weight loss my breasts feel like they have lost volume and sagged. Will implants correct this? or do i need both implants and... READ MORE

Breast lift with augmentation, or just breast lift? (Photo)

I'm turning 30 this year, and I've had and breast fed 4 kids. I'm officially done growing my family and starting to work on me. I've been eating... READ MORE

Breast lift needed with augmentation? (Photo)

I have lost weight (not a significant amount) but enough to lose the "perkiness" that they once were. I am currently a full C/small D cup. Should be... READ MORE

Lift and Sub-Muscular Saline Implants or Sub-Glandular Saline Implants? Currently a 38C wanting a 38DD.

I had my exam with my PS, I have stage 2/3 ptosis. 2 options, full lift with a sub-muscular implant or sub-glandular(SG) only.I don't like the lift... READ MORE

Implants and lift or lipofilling and lift? (Photo)

Thank you to the Drs. who gave their feed back. I should have included side view pictures. After considering your comments and doing exhaustive... READ MORE

Will I need a breast lift if I have implants? (Photo)

Hi, I posted a question earlier regarding implants and was advised to look at a breast lift alongside implants. This is a route I'm really not keen to... READ MORE

Will recovery time be about the same with a breast lift with augmentation as a regular breast augmentation?

I currently have 525 cc saline moderate profile implants under the muscle but had them before my second child was born and now they are sagging. I... READ MORE

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