Working Out + Breast Implants

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Does Daily Exercise Affect Breast Implant Placement?

I have 600 cc implants under the muscle but I work out 6 days every week and my friend told me if i work out every day, my implants are going to be... READ MORE

When Can I Do Push Ups and Sit Ups with Breast Implants?

I want to be an officer, but I must be able to do a minimum of 21 pushups to pass my test. I'm getting under the muscle mentor gummy bear implants... READ MORE

Over or Under For Implants if I Want to Get Into CrossFit?

I am getting into Cross Fitness and as I am researching I find where some say you should get your implants over the muscle and others say under. Then... READ MORE

Breasts Are Sagging After Implants - Will Exercise Help?

I didnt wear a bra after my BA and now my breast sit low and sag, can i work out to repair this?  After I got my BA I stopped wearing any... READ MORE

What Is The Best Option For Breast Implant Placement For Someone Who Exercises A Lot?

If I work out a lot, should I go over or under the muscle? Is there a risk of one or the other if I am in the gym and run a lot? I don't want my... READ MORE

Should I stop upper body workouts prior to surgery?

I do bootcamp three days a week and on other days I do a combo of cardio and weight training. A friend of mine mentioned that I may want to hold off... READ MORE

Building Pectoral Muscles After Breast Implants?

I had breast implants under the pectoral muscle 5yrs ago, can I build the pectoral muscles up to lift my implants some? READ MORE

Will Working out 3 or 4 Times a Week Wear out a Silicone Breast Implant Shell Faster Than Normal?

I want to get saline implants placed under the chest muscle but I'm concerned about the chest muscles rubbing and squeezing the implant shell when I... READ MORE

When I Lift Weights I Can Feel my Pecs Contracting. Will That Feeling Ever Go Away?

I am 5 weeks post surgery. I had submuscle gel implants inserted in the nipple. The doctor gave me the ok to start working out. Today, I did, but... READ MORE

What happens if you lift more than 10 lbs after implants?

I work out and I'm in great shape. I got my implants 13 days ago. I'm actually at the gym right now as I have already been cleared/begged my ps to let... READ MORE

Bright Pink Raised Scar After Starting Workout Routine?

I'm ten weeks post breast lift and augmentation with 325/280 silicone gel implants. I just started getting back in to my 6 days a week of cardio.... READ MORE

Implants and Crossfit?

I'm 34 years old. Had implants for 3 years (250cc under the muscle wanted natural looking saline implants ). I'm only 5'1. I've been doing crossfit... READ MORE

I did push-ups at the gym I got a sharp pain in the right side of my chest, side/top of my right breast near my Armpit?

I did push-ups at the gym on Friday and later found out that my arm position was incorrect. Saturday, I got a sharp pain in the right side of my... READ MORE

When Can I Work out After Breast Implants?

I work out often (a lot of cardio and running). I understand that I will have to refrain from this for a while but am wondering when is it ok to do a... READ MORE

I Have Rippling Implants, Will Running and Intensive Workouts Make This Worse?

I'm 5 weeks post op, had 265 naturelle implants under muscle, in tall and skinny. The rippling thankfully isn't visible but easy to feel. Is there... READ MORE

Had a Scan and Showing my Pip Implant is Leaking the Doctor Say is Not Life Threating?

Is that mean I can wait for months to have it replace? What is the consequences if I leave it? I go to the gym everyday working out with high... READ MORE

When Can I Start Easing into Chest Exercises?

I am 6 weeks post explant of 300cc silicone implants that were placed under the muscle. I only had my implants in for a short time before removing. Is... READ MORE

Is 22 to young for Breast Implants? How long until you can work out after surgery?

I am 22, have no children and have lost a lot of weight since high school. Am I too young to be changing my boob size?I eventually want children, how... READ MORE

Upper body workout and high riding implants

I had breast implants 11 weeks ago, the implants were initially very high, they have moved downward significantly but still high, right side is more... READ MORE

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