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Are my Breast Implants Too Wide? (photo)

3 week PS and my breasts are finally starting to look better but I'm thinking they are too wide for my body. They are MP, mentor silicone, 375cc... READ MORE

14 Weeks Post Op. Not Satisfied with Results. Implants Seems Too Wide. When Can I Change my Implants? (photo)

(transaxillary silicon gel 250/275cc moderate profile). I am very petite 5’1” 103lbs, 26.5” ribcage. I am not 100% satisfied with the results. I... READ MORE

Are my Implants Placed Too Far Apart? Can This Problem Be Fixed Easily? (photo)

I has 410 cc mentor gel implants placed under the muscle 9 months ago. Now I feel my breasts look ridiculous because they are too far apart. What can... READ MORE

Is There a Way for Me to Have Closer Breasts Without the Aid of a Push Up Bra? (photo)

I'm 1 month PO. I adore my new breasts! I love the size and shape. They are so close to perfection. All I wish is for them to be a wee bit closer... READ MORE

Wide Breast Bone, Breasts Wide Apart, Would a Bigger Implant Help to Have Closer Cleavage?

Hi, I would like to know how can I have closer cleavage with breast implants. Is there something that can be done? Choose a high profile implant?... READ MORE

Breast Implants Too Wide?

If your implants get caught on your arms that means they too wide or is it normal? READ MORE

Moderate Plus or High Profile for Widely Spaced Breasts?

I am set for my BA on the 28th and must decide NOW what I want! I am 20 years old, 5'3, 130 lbs, 34b. I will be getting 400 cc High Profile Saline... READ MORE

Which type of breast implant is best for wide set/ splayed breast? And which size to have a natural tear drop shape? (photo)

Im a 32 years old mom of a 4 years old boy. I breastfeeding him for 14 months. I'm wearing a 34 A or B (small) depending on the brand. I have a wide... READ MORE

Is 325 cc Mentor moderate+ Silicone gel too wide for my breast? Want a natural as possible look, hoping for a "C" cup. (Photo)

I have very little breast tissue (L38.3cc and R53.8cc) & asymmetry. My breast base width is 9.9 cm and 10.7 cm. The breast width is 11.5cm and 12.3 cm... READ MORE

I'm overall tall, thin, have wide set of breast, and AA cup. I want to get 225cc. Would I look natural?

I am thinking of 225cc with HP or MP. Do you think that will give me a good look but at the same time - be easy to hide - I don't want anyone to know... READ MORE

Are breast implants in 30F natural breasts possible? (photos)

I have naturally "large" breasts though as a 30F I find my breasts are small on my frame and out of proportion with my 42 inch hips. My breasts also... READ MORE

My implants are wide when laying down. Can this be fix? (photos)

Implants are wide when laying down, they are flat towards the middle of my chest.cabt this problem be fixes and why is this happening? I'm 4 months... READ MORE

Is It Correct to Say the Wider the Diameter the More Upper Pole You Will Have?

If my base wide is 14cm and I/the doctor chooses an implant with a diameter of 11.7 will I have less upper pole fullness than I would if I choose an... READ MORE

Are my breast implants too wide for my frame? Are they to far apart? I'm 8 months post op. (photos)

I'm 500cc mod plus profile silicone mentor, 8 months post op. My breast continue to sag and are drifting more towards my armpits. I have no cleavage... READ MORE

20 years old w/ Wide set breasts, only interested in silicone. Any doctors performed an augmentation with my situation? (Photo)

I realized I have wide set breadsts and since I'm under 22 it's hard for me to find a doctor who will perform the augmentation on me with silicone. I... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; mod plus vs high profile? (photo)

I really love the look of the hp (narrow with lots of upper pole fullness) but my ps thinks a mod plus is more appropriate for my body. Will they have... READ MORE

Did I pick an implant too wide? (photos)

I was torn between the 190cc and 220cc implant and had to make a rushed last minute decision before surgery. I went with the larger ones although I... READ MORE

Should I go 500 cc's or 425 cc's? Please help. (photos)

I am 5' 8", 166lb, I am pretty wide on the bottom part of my body and an top I am 34 A. I am getting gel, smooth, round, high profile breast implants.... READ MORE

How can you create cleavage for wide set breasts? (Photo)

I know you can't naturally create cleavage if it isnt there but I can even get cleavage with a bra on because my breast are so far apart. Is there... READ MORE

Are my breasts too widely spaced for 200cc implants? (Photo)

I am 5'4", 110lbs, very thin, and have little to no breast tissue to begin with. I want to achieve a full B, and I definitely do not want to have... READ MORE

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