Upper Pole + Breast Implants

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Althlete with Anatomical Implants - Did I Choose the Wrong Style?

Stats 5'2, 110 lbs CGP Anatomical 345 implant I am a crossfit trainer and play year around sports, in addition to dance class. I did a great... READ MORE

I Wanted Upper Pole Fullness, Why Didn't 960cc Get Me This?

44DD Pre-op and Had a Lift and Aug with Saline 960cc Mod Plus Implants Now I'm a 44DDD. im 34 5'6 and 200lbs, with 2 kids. i wanted to go to a... READ MORE

Can I Get Breast Implants WITHOUT Lift? (I'm a Natural D) (photos)

Hello everyone. I'm a 20 year old bikini model.. I have natural D (DD) breast and I was wondering if it would be possible for me to get breast... READ MORE

Upper Pole Rippling - Will Massage Help?

1mo post-op,silicone 300ccmentor subgland.,upper pole rippling bilat.,pre-op36AA,little breast tissue.why?Massage helps? 32yo... READ MORE

Will High Profile Implants Give Me a Rounder Upper Pole? (Photos)

I am trying to achieve the look of the girl in the last photo. Partial unders-Dual I would like the implant to give me a lift, so I'm assuming a HP... READ MORE

Saline Vs. Silicone. I Like the Upper Pole That Overfilled Saline Provides. What Should I Do? (photo)

I thought I was set on silicone but while looking at before/after pictures I noticed I like the longer term upper pole that overfilled saline tends to... READ MORE

Changing Implants from 371 Style 15 to 450-500 Style 20 or 500-550 Style 45. 32 Round and 12 Width? (photo)

Hello, Had BA 5 months ago with Natrelle Silicone 371 style 15. I am 5'2", 120 lbs, 32 round and 12 breast width. Breastfed one child. Right breast... READ MORE

Upper Pole Problem, Implant or Lift ?

I feel that my breast is slightly droopy,so i consulted with doctor, and he said that instead of lift, i should have implant/fat injection for more... READ MORE

Do I Need a Revision? My Right Upper Pole is Still Too High. (photo)

Hello, you have all been so helpful and I thank you for that. My question now.....my right breast seems to be dramatically larger and higher than my... READ MORE

450 Silicone Implants Too High? (photo)

I had a lift, implant (450 silicone under muscle), and lipo a week ago. I expected swelling and discomfort but my breast are way higher than I... READ MORE

I Want Upper Pole Fullness W/o Looking Fake- 300 Cc HP or 360 Mod Plus(silicone)? Sx in 2 Days!

Help! Surgery is Thursday and I don't have my implant decided upon! I am 29, 5'2" 125lb and having an anchor lift with silicone unders. I want upper... READ MORE

How Do You Retain Natural Upper Pole Fullness, W/o Going Big or High Profile? (photo)

& Prevent Implants from Falling into Lower Lobe, 1st BA-350 filled to 375, 12.3W, 4.5 proj. Current BA-480, 13.8cm, 3.9 proj. In both, the breasts... READ MORE

Could I Have Capsular Contraction?

Submuscular, upper pole ba 10 weeks ago of 550cc. I first had terrible pain in arm after possible problems with I.V. placement. My arm was swollen and... READ MORE

It Has Been Almost 9 Months Since my BA and my Breasts Are Still Too High. Am I Able to Still Achieve the "Slope"?

I had my augmentation 9 months ago. I recieved silicone 400 cc's, moderate profile, under the muscle. I feel too big with too much upper pole fullness... READ MORE

Where or Ultra High-profile Implants the Right Choice for Me? (photo)

I Wanted Not to Much Upper Pole Fullness. Now I Feel I Have None? I was told by my surgeon my rib cage is too small for moderate profile plus implants... READ MORE

What Kind of Implant Would Produce This Shape? (photo)

I'm curious if a certain implant can give a patient a certain shape? Is it possible for a surgeon to make a patient look like another patient based on... READ MORE

Combo Mastopexy with Lifting IMF? (photo)

I had implants 460cc saline biplanar two years ago, result 34DD (don't want bigger). Obvious bottom out on right side. I want a higher IMF. Too low... READ MORE

Unsettled Implants After 7 Months?

I had breast implants > 7 months ago. i am petite and opted for a small size ( i got 235 ml of silicone implants) . I did the exercises. I started... READ MORE

Larger Implant to Fill Up Loss of Top Pole?

I am currently a 36b and 5'5" 120lbs.would I need a larger implant to fill them back up? my consult answers vary between 350cc to 550cc READ MORE

More Upper Fullness in Right Breast?

Hello! I received 440cc unders. I'm 6 days post op and love my results, however I noticed there is more upper pole fullness in my right breast. My... READ MORE

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