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Implants Don't Seem Big Enough! Will They Eventually Get Bigger?

I am 3 weeks post op with saline filled to 440cc implants from an a cup. I have waited 10 long years for these and couldn't express more to my PS... READ MORE

Feeling Incredibly Small After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Hi all! So I have my breast implant surgery on Thursday 8/16/12. I've been super depressed the past few days b/c my implants just look and feel SO... READ MORE

Breast Small After Augmentation(4 Days Post Op)? (photo)

I am four days post op. I had a silicone breast augmentation under the muscle 325 ccs. When I tried on the 325 sizers before surgery they looked very... READ MORE

I Had a Breast Augmenation 3 Weeks Ago but I Still Feel That my Breasts Are Small? (photo)

I am 5 ft 8 tall weighing 145 lbs. My first choice was 440cc implants but after operation my surgeon he couldn't place 440cc since my pocket was small... READ MORE

How Much Will a Breast Augmentation Result Size Change After Surgery?

I am one week post op from a breast augmentation, 450 cc under the muscle. I am very surprised how small the result is compared to the sizers I tried... READ MORE

Doctor Chose 240cc Implants and I Am Very Unhappy?

I did not choose the implant size. Every time I tried to discuss it with the doctor, he said he will take a note of what I wanted but he will decide... READ MORE

What Size Will I Be After Having 260cc Unders?

I currently wear a size 34A bra but maybe even smaller than this. When I saw my plastic surgeon I explained I wanted to be a size C/D. He recommended... READ MORE

Slim body 5.3, 105 pounds, got 400cc HP textured implants, which looks small?? (photos)

My breasts appear very small for 400cc high profile textured implants right post-op. I was told that 400cc are way too big for me, even doctor... READ MORE

Did I Pick Completely the Wrong Implant Size? They Feel Too Small.

Hi, I am 5'11, 140 pounds, and just had breast augmentation 7 weeks ago. My original goal was a natural looking, well proportioned look that... READ MORE

Have I Chosen The Correct Implant Size For My Desired Outcome? (photo)

Hello all! I am 5'4" tall, weigh 105 lbs, and am thin. I am 24 years old. I have attached a photo if this helps. I would like at least a mid... READ MORE

Can I Get my Saline Implants Refilled with 50 More Cc?

I am 3 months post op with 300 saline implants filled to 300cc, under the muscle. My breast are smaller than I expected. Can I get my implants... READ MORE

I Was 34B And Wanted to Get 320cc, but My Doctor Put in 280 During Surgery. Is This Normal?

Put me 280cc during surgery he found out that I didnt have enough space in my breast for 320cc. Could this happened?? I'm 30 years old,... READ MORE

I got 600cc Silicone implants under the muscle on November 27th. They are not big at all? (photo)

Every post I read said this was a large implant. Every picture I saw was beautiful at this size. Projection was great. I was t unhappy with any... READ MORE

I Still Have Tubular Breasts After Augmentation. 1 Months Post. Options?

I am 4 weeks post op from augmentation. I got 286cc under the muscle, although I am unhappy with the side and feel they are too small my other big... READ MORE

Upset with BA results. I have 475cc FF implants but I'm only a 34C - I was hoping for DD-E. How do I approach my PS? (Photo)

Im 1 week post ba op and feel extremely low and dissapointed with the outcome. I was hoping to achieve large breasts (DD-E) Prior to surgery, I was... READ MORE

540cc Look Really Small on Me?

Hi im 5'2 130 and 2 weeks ago I got 540cc on both breast. I been worried that I got a c cup I wanted a DD .I was a small 36B . It would help if I... READ MORE

I'm Not Happy with Size After BA. Is Another Surgery Worth It to Exchange Them?

I am 3 and a half weeks post op from my BA. I wanted to be a full C and when going into surgery I was between 304cc and 339cc the PS advised 339cc... READ MORE

325cc, Silicone Mod+: Inner pocket too small? (Photo)

5'0 100lbs 325ccs silicone mod+ submusc in crease. 2 months post-op and still look angular underneath. Got go ahead from PS to begin compression... READ MORE

I Have a BWD of 14.5 Confirmed by 3 Different Surgeons. Is an Implant of 12.5 Too Small?

I'm worried that I will have a big gap in the middle of my chest. I am considering going with Mentor 350 Moderate Plus Profile, which has a... READ MORE

Unsure of Breast Size Post Op. Fear I Will Be Too Small?

I got my B/A on the 17/1/13 & previously i was a B Cup. The size that was decided was 400CC x 11.8cm x 5.5cm (Right) & 450cc x 12.1cm x 5.7cm... READ MORE

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