Too High + Breast Implants

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380cc HP saline armpit incision. 3 months post. Do I need a revision? What are your suggestions for a replacement implant.

5'10 , 135 pounds , 25 years old - no children. 380 cc HP saline armpit incision. Have seem little progress from the 2 week mark. My implants are... READ MORE

Are my nipples sitting too low and my implants sitting too high? 500cc Mentor Textured unders... (photos)

4 months ago, i switched from 340cc textured overs to 500cc textured unders. I have noticed that my implants haven't dropped and feel they are still... READ MORE

What Can I Do For A Disappointing Transaxillary Incision Result? (photo)

Hello, It's been 3 weeks since I had surgery, and I am disappointed in the appearance of my breasts. The nipples are positioned too low, the breasts... READ MORE

Am I healing correctly? Will my implants ever drop? I'm worried! (Photo)

I'm 1 month post op. 500cc natrelle silicone implants placed under muscle. My left implant was always more swollen, swelling has gone down it still... READ MORE

How do I know if my nipples are too high after my implant surgery?

I had breast implants placed 3 months ago 325cc high profile and I cant tell if they have bottomed out or if my nipples are just too high. when I wear... READ MORE

5 1/2 Weeks Post Op Subpectoral Augmentation. Left Breast Still High and Nipple Low and Pointing Downward. Will I Need Revision?

I know that it can take time for implants to settle. I discussed with my doctor and we took photos to compare in a month. I really hate looking this... READ MORE

Crease Scars Too High and Not Fading 6 Months PO, What Products Do You Recommend?

I'm about 6 months post op and I'm worried that my crease scars are way too high ( not in the crease at all). The scars still seem really purple/... READ MORE

Will my breasts change after 3 months?

I had implants on sept 27 2013. Started with an A and had 425 left and 475 right. They still stick out far and torpedoish but I want the low slope... READ MORE

My implants are 6yrs old & too high. Would a bandeau strap help?

As shown, they are more rounded up top, almost coming to a point from the profile, instead of a more natural, downward slope. I never heard of a... READ MORE

My (R) breast is high & tight feels like my implant is in a ball up at the top of my breast. L breast is bigger. (photos)

I'm devastated. I am a few weeks post op. Patience I know. But I can't help but feel sadness. Why is one breast long, and sagging? It's not supposed... READ MORE

My left side implant isn't moving as down like the right side. Is this normal?

My left side is less dominate side and it seems like the implant refuses to shuffle it's way down like the right implant. Of course I'm right handed... READ MORE

Reimplantation After Extrusion

I was told that the last saline implant that I had came threw the incision because the incision was not healing adequately and the implant had popped... READ MORE

What is going on with my right boob? Am I getting a capsule? It's been four months and it's still riding high! (photo)

Almost five months post op and my right boob is still high on my chest wall. Could this be a malposition it capsule forming? READ MORE

Right boob, scars too high or bottoming out? (photo)

I've always noticed my right boob is lower than my left and I'm not symmetrical at all. My right nipple had always been bigger and the breast itself.... READ MORE

6 months post surgery and still "riding high." Should I be concerned that implants haven't dropped yet?

I'm concerned that my implants are taking much longer than expected to drop. I had surgery mid december, and I have seem a minimal drop. I still can't... READ MORE

Breast implants too high. Do I need to downsize or do I need pocket revision? 9 years post! More details on my profile (Photo)

I have Silimed Teardrop Round 215cc, submusc (11.3cm D x 3.7cm P). 5ft, 105lbs. Breasts have barely changed since surgery. I am now 50, wanted very... READ MORE

My nipples are way too high and to much upper pole fullness, how can this be corrected?

Is ther any way this could be corrected,my nipples pop out of all my bras and look so unnatural,they are way to full on the top,any advice would be... READ MORE

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