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Can a Torn Pocket Under my Breast Implant Be Repaired... My Surgeon Says No.. Really?

I had a breast augmentation 6 months ago.(440 cc silicone under the muscle) My breasts looked amazing. Last month I fell and injured my left breast.... READ MORE

Rip in Pocket Surrounding Breast Implant

Is it possible to "rip" the pocket your silicone implant sits in? I have under the muscle silicone implants for 8 years. No problems. During exercise... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Fix This Type of Torn Breast Pocket? (photo)

I read about floor compression to prevent/fix capsular contracture. I tried that and now my breasts are completely distorted. It was very painful as I... READ MORE

Did I Tear a Muscle or Closed Internal Stitching?

Hi, 5'5 118 lbs. Went from a small 34B to aprox 385-400 CC, under the muscle, saline, crease incision, 2 wks post op. Last night while watching... READ MORE

Do Partial Closed Capsulotomy Tears Repair Themselves on Their Own?

I used too much pressure massaging and caused a partial closed capsulotomy on myself by accident. My implant is bulging through the crack/tear in the... READ MORE

Breast Implant Capsule Tear Two Times in 4 Weeks. Why?

My PS has confirmed by pics and feedback I have torn my left capsule. I am a PT, and was heavy bench pressing at the time of injury. I have 700cc... READ MORE

Tear to capsule around implant after working out - Will it repair itself?

I had ba on nov 28th 2013 I returned to the gym several weeks later on the ok of my consultant and think I over stretched my chest . I returned to my... READ MORE

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