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Taking Supplements to Prevent Capsular Contraction

I am about to have a bottomed out revision with PDS sutures. However, I am also concerned about developing a capsular contracture. I plan to take... READ MORE

Symastia Repair: Can It Be Fixed with Perm Sutures with No Alloderm?

I am going back to the PS who did my first surgery. He wants to fix my symmastia by treating it like a "C.C.". he says it will be a 2 hour... READ MORE

Sutures Won't Hold and Pseudomonas After Breast Implants - What to Do?

I am 10 weeks post breast augmentation.Post drain & suture closure for a hematoma my incision will not heal. My incision continues to open,I am on... READ MORE

Are Dissolvable Sutures for a Capsulorrhaphy Effective with Bottomed out Implants?

What are the long term results with using dissolvable sutures versus permanent? Also, do silicone implants help in preventing from bottoming out again? READ MORE

Bottomed Out 6 Months After Breast Implant Surgery

I had saline implants placed 6 months ago and they have already "bottomed out." My surgeon wants to replace my smooth implants with textured... READ MORE

Infected Implant/ Incision Reopening/ Healing Problem, is Body Rejecting? (photo)

So 2nd restitching FAILED had an opening right after sutures removal PS said implants has to go wait for few month to heal and put it back in.... READ MORE

SOS! Recalled Sutures Used I Need to Be Fixed! But How and Who?

I just want to be fixed! My right beat has a double bubble effect, its been well over a year, no hardening and I don't want to think this is how is... READ MORE

Accidentally ripped crease incision site nine days after my breast augmentation, can this cause bottoming out? (photo)

Yesterday I overstretched and believe I ripped some sutures under my left breast. A day after, it itches and a few small drops of blood under the... READ MORE

Should I have repair on right breast that broke through lower internal sutures?

Had 370cc high profile silicone implants placed under muscle 2 1/2 months ago. Was healing very well. In past month right breast looked slightly... READ MORE

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