Smooth Round + Breast Implants

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5 months post op, smooth, round, 450cc saline implant. Are my Breast Implants Bottoming Out? (photo)

I am 5mths post op with smooth, round, 450cc saline implants placed underneath muscle. I am worried that my implants might be bottoming out because my... READ MORE

Don't want to affect breastfeeding. Suggestions for choosing size & profile of Mentor, round, smooth Silicone Implants? (photo)

I posted these pics before & all answers said I had tuberous breasts & suggested over muscle & areola incision-I was wondering why for both? Whats the... READ MORE

Breast Implants in the Armpit?

I like to get SMOOTH ROUND Saline high profile 800cc 850CC 900cc whats the largest size in us ?? can i get it done in the armpit ?? READ MORE

I have very small breasts, should I be concerned about the use of textured vs smooth silicone gel implants??

Here's the issue though: I have very small breasts naturally and also breast fed 3 children (the doctor mentioned that I had the smallest breasts he... READ MORE

Smooth versus textured Implants: Which is Best?

I am looking at getting a round "gummy bear" implants but don't really understand the difference between a smooth round vs a textured round. A couple... READ MORE

Can Saline Implant Valve Shift and Does Rippling Get Worse over Time?

34yo-450cc, round, smooth, saline, under muscle implants from '04. After having a baby, there's severe rippling. I am thin with little breast tissue... READ MORE

I was a 32B- weight 107lbs, am 5'2 tall. What size can I expect with 400cc?

I was a 32B- weight 107lbs, am 5'2 tall, got mentor Smooth Round Moderate Plus Profile Saline 375cc- final fill volume 400cc. What will my bra size be... READ MORE

Can you use smooth implants on a flat chest?

Textured implants were suggested to me because I have a very flat chest. However I have heard smooth implants are more natural acting and feeling. Are... READ MORE

Is this the beginning of a double bubble? I'm 13 months post-op. Smooth round, moderate plus, 325cc. (Photo)

I am 13 months post op of a breast augmentation with smooth round moderate plus 325cc on my left breast I've noticed in the past few day what appears... READ MORE

Do high profile implants (300-340cc round, smooth) look fake on a small frame?

Im 30, A cup, 5'6, small frame. I'm booked for a breast lift (weight loss) and augmentation under muscle. I want full c - youthful and shapely but not... READ MORE

Do I have capsular contracture? The right implant feels and looks great but the left is high. (Photo)

Okay I'm almost 9 weeks post op I got smooth around saline implant . The right is 500cc and left is 480 cc so the doctor says and my left breast feels... READ MORE

What can be done if my breast implants are/have settled differently? (photo)

PreOp was an A cup at best, I had a fantastic doctor, my results were great, given asymmetry and a sternum that was severely inverted, results gave me... READ MORE

My doctor put the wrong implants in so what should I do?

I am one week post op and went to my post op appt with my Dr today. I opted to have a breast augmentation 375cc smooth round silicone subpectorial... READ MORE

Is it better to use a shaped textured silicone or a smooth round silicone? (photo)

I am wondering now after reading reviews if I went with the right implant. I got sientra textured shaped silicone. Is one better than the other? I am... READ MORE

What breast implant size would be too big for me? I'm 5'4", 32/4A, 105-110 lbs. I'd like to be a 32D.

I am small framed. I am 5'4, and my bra size is usually 32A, or 34A if it seems to run a little small. I weigh between 105-110. I'm considering breast... READ MORE

Will I be able to return to work in 3 days (Monday)? I work as a bartender and I don't want to cause problems for myself.

I am 5/6 days post op of BA. I received 400cc gel unders smooth round high profile implants in both breasts. Incisions are on the undersides of my... READ MORE

How long will swelling last? And does swelling affect weight? I'm 6 days post-op.

I had BA submuscular gel smooth round 400cc implants. And liposuction in my inner thighs and waistline. On Monday August 4 at 6 days post op... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Textured vs. smooth silicone if vertical lift is required?

I've been told by three doctors that I definitely need a vertical mastoplexy. However, the opinions have differed on texture. One doc says that with a... READ MORE

Confused about my implant shape. Is it round or contour? It is the shape of the Implant visible on x-ray? (Photo)

There!!!! I undergo from breast augmentation few days ago & I am so confuse if i got the contour or a round silicon implant , as my Doctor Said He put... READ MORE

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