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Will My Breast Implants Look Bigger Once They Are Settled?

I had my removal and replacement surgery due to capsular contraction 2 days ago. I started with 325 mod+ silicone overs now I have 350 mod+ silicone... READ MORE

400grams Natrelle HP Silicone Implants Too Small

I had 400grams natrelle silicone implants put in two days ago, i was very flat chested(AAAA) and i wanted to get to a very full D, but they loooked... READ MORE

I'm Young, Soon to Be 17, and I Was Wondering the Legal Age to Get Breast Implants?

I am 16 years old and I'll be 17 in a short period of time and my small breasts have been the cause of a lot of mental anguish to the point of... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take my Breast to Take Form with a 500cc Implant?

I am 5'7 weigh in about 170 with broad shoulders. i was barely a b cup before the surgery. At three weeks my breast look like a small c cup, will they... READ MORE

I have very small breasts, should I be concerned about the use of textured vs smooth silicone gel implants??

Here's the issue though: I have very small breasts naturally and also breast fed 3 children (the doctor mentioned that I had the smallest breasts he... READ MORE

Why do my breasts look so small after surgery?

I just had my surgery Friday night. I got 530 cc gummy bear implants under the muscle on each side. I was maybe a 34 a before hand and I literally... READ MORE

Why do my Breast Implants look so small?

I just had my surgery Friday night.  I got 50 cc gummy bear implants under the muscle on each side. I was maybe a 34 a before hand and I... READ MORE

I had BA 2 weeks ago. I got 325 saline overfilled to 345. Now that my swelling has gone down I am small. What to do?

My breast look long and abnormal! They do not look round and plump. I look very flat from the side. I have had a super easy recovery and didn't have... READ MORE

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