Sizers + Breast Implants

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Do Breast Implant Sizers Accurately Demonstrate Final Results of Surgery?

When the surgeon is using Breast Implant sizers during surgery to decide on which size to go with, does that mean that the surgeon can see what the... READ MORE

Breast Implant Sizers in Sports Bra or T-shirt Bra?

I am going to try on breast implant sizers on Friday. Is it better to put the sizers in a sports bra or a t-shirt bra for the size I'd like to be (a... READ MORE

5'9 140lbs 14BW 34B, need help deciding on volume. My PS suggested I try 500cc sizers. I'd already decided on 450cc. (Photo)

I recently went for my second consult. My PS suggested that I try 500cc sizers. This is after looking at some of my wish pics. He said that to achieve... READ MORE

Sizing Issues - 450cc to Get a Full C Cup?

I'm 5'7", 123lbs, athletic, have enough tissue for overs (am a mid B cup now). My ribcage is 29inches. Dr said that I could take 450cc to... READ MORE

Do implants look slightly smaller than test sizers? My sizers seem slightly too large. (photo)

Hello, I am 26, 5,4 120lb petite frame. Currently a small A Breast augmentation from A to C/D ? 5,4 120 lb trying to decide between 225cc vs 260c... READ MORE

Does 200cc add a cup?

As ive seen some drs say 100 and some say 200 READ MORE

How accurate are the breast sizers? (Photo)

I wear a 32c small frame, I tried on 410cc sizers and loved it but id hate to go with that size and them look too big... READ MORE

would a 500 hp or 535 ultra high profile suit my body type/height/weight? Wanting to get to a full D/DD. Currently deflated 34B!

I had my very first BA consultation last weekend. It went pretty good.. Tried on sizers and the PS recommended me getting either 500 high profiles or... READ MORE

Can I Have Different CC Size Options Until Surgery?

I have a size selected after consultations but am not 100% sure. Do all surgeons use sizers during procedure to ensure I will get the look I want,... READ MORE

What size implant will be least likely to require a lift? (Photo)

I am scheduled to have surgery in Nov. And took home three sizers 450,475, and 550. My PS suggested over the muscle high profile. my goal is a dd, I'm... READ MORE

Do you lose implant volume when you place implants in a subfascial position just as you would in a subpectoral position? (Photo)

I have chosen 550 cc high profile gel, and Dr. recommended subfascial placement. I have heard you lose some of the look of the size when your implant... READ MORE

Are 300 cc silicone implants a good size for me? I want a natural look but I don't want to look too small.

I am 5'3" & weigh 103 lbs. I used to wear 32B prior to pregnancy & 32C during breastfeeding for over a year. After stopping BF, my breasts don't even... READ MORE

Cc's & Profile 450cc/475cc? High Profile/Moderate Plus? (Photo)

5'4 150lb 34B 13cm width I want natural & proportionate. PS recommend 475cc I liked the 450 sizer and don't want too big so now debating 425. Have... READ MORE

What cup size will I likely be after BA? (Photo)

I am 5'5", 119lbs. 32 or 34 a/b currently. BWD is 12.9. Slight assymetry. With PS we have decided on silicone under muscle, 475cc's left and 500cc's... READ MORE

What size and profile should I go with? (Photo)

I am scheduled for breast augment in 2 weeks. I am currently a 34 A (about 140 cc natural volume) and would like my final result to be a full C small... READ MORE

I'm certain I made the wrong implant choice! Help! (Photo)

Had consult Thursday tried on sizers. PS recommended 375ccs silicone moderate under the muscle. He said of course since it's under the muscle he will... READ MORE

If I do 400cc implants, will they look smaller than when I tried on the sizers? Should I do 425cc to be safe? (Photo)

I am 21 years old, 5'2 130lbs. I am a mother of one interested in a BA. I've just recently had my consulation with a near by surgeon. I ideally want... READ MORE

I want to get a BA done for my bday. I want to a professional opinion as to implant size recommended for my body type? (Photo)

I've been to a few consults and have tried on sizers. I'm debating on 550-600cc under muscle. I've heard you lose cc when u go under the muscle. I... READ MORE

At preop visit, should Dr. have mentioned brand, profile and texture?

I tried on sizers and we both decided on size for me. Realized after I left did not mention brand, profile or texture of implant. Is that a bad size. READ MORE

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