Sensation Loss + Breast Implants

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Will Nipple and Breast Numbness After Breast Implants Go Away?

I had breast augmentation 2 weeks ago, and my nipples and a large part of my breasts are numb. Is this normal, and will it go away? I started as a... READ MORE

Loss of Feeling 13 Years After Breast Implants? (photo)

13 years ago I had a breast augmentation. 350 cc's, under the muscle and through the areola. Following surgery, I had total loss of sensation in both... READ MORE

Nerve regeneration after breast augmentation. What is the likelihood of a full recovery? How long will it take?

I have read several answers about breast/nipple sensation being temporarily or permanently disrupted on real self. I had 300cc saline unders through... READ MORE

Breastfeeding Despite Sensation Loss?

If you lose a moderate sensation after breast augmentation, will that lessen your chances of breastfeeding? READ MORE

Wondering About Final Bra Cup Size and Sensory Return to Nipples/areola? (photo)

I have 339cc Natrelle silicone implants wondering after the swelling what cup size will I probably fit into? I have also lost a lot of sensory in my... READ MORE

I Can Feel Soreness in my Nipples Now. Is This a Sign That Normal Feeling Will Return To Nipples?

I had my breast implant before and its been 1 yr from now and at the first month after my surgery i just touch my nipple and i cant feel any sensation... READ MORE

Is my Loss of Sensation Dangerous?

I am 22years old and I had breast implants 1 year ago going from 32AA to 32B/C. Although they turned out perfectly I lost sensation in my right nipple... READ MORE

I am confused about which nerves control areola contraction. Are they different to the nerves that control sensation?

I am confused about which nerves control areola contraction, are they different to the nerves that control sensation? My right areola only gets hard... READ MORE

I have had breast implants for nearly 2.5 years size 300 placed under the muscle. Should I have them removed?

I have experience extreme numbing including pain if squeezed. I also experience a jumping movement of the implant in both breasts when I exercise and... READ MORE

Would 350cc implants through the nipple increase the possibility of loss of sensation?

My sister got 450cc implants through the nipple but cant feel her breasts. I am getting implants soon, and my surgeon recomended to use the nipple... READ MORE

How long does it take to regain full nerve sensation in breast/nipple?

I just had my surgery a little over a week ago. I went from an A cup to 425cc HP implants. I am experiencing loss of sensation on my left nipple and... READ MORE

I had a breast augmentation with silicone 1yr ago and my breasts have never stopped feeling bruised - what's wrong?

I also lift weights and didn't start back till I got the OK from my Dr. I still have no sensation and their so sensitive all the time that they feel... READ MORE

7 yrs post op, my left breast is itchy. What can be the cause?

Hi there 7 years ago I had saline implants inserted. Since both breasts have lost all sensation. Tonight I have experienced extreme itching in the... READ MORE

Almost permanent cold breasts. Just started 3 years after implants and pregnancy, what could be the cause?

I had a implants just under 3 years ago, unluckly I lost 70% of the feeling in the nipple, underside and outer sides of breast which never returned... READ MORE

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